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Design Engineer

Labelbox’s mission is to build the best products for humans to advance artificial intelligence.

As a design engineer you’ll create a compelling web experience for engineers and scientists working on the cutting edge of machine learning. Labelbox is a small, highly autonomous team where you’ll have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the culture, design systems and future of the company.

Basic qualifications

    • A portfolio of component libraries and engaging microsites
    • 4+ years of web development/design experience, ideally at tech-forward, product-driven companies
    • An understanding of the core elements of design like typography, layout, balance, and proportion
    • A systems approach to development and design
    • Expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS, React, Javascript
    • Experience with front-end frameworks (Material-UI, Bootstrap, Foundation, etc...)
    • Be completely ingrained in the design process of our web presence efforts
    • Collaborate with cross functional stakeholders (marketing, product, sales)
    • Craft delightful interactions throughout Labelbox.com [1]
    • Utilize and extend the web presence systems
    • Develop responsive web pages, templates, graphics, multimedia, and other web components
    • Enable the marketing team to manage content through our Contentful integration
    • Support SEO efforts
    • Review site performance data and ADA compliance data
    • Develop and maintain email templates
    • Provide engineering support for our blog and docs
    • Extend and maintain the Labelbox brand
    • A passion for storytelling
    • High standard of craftsmanship
    • An innate desire to understand problems before generating solutions
    • Knowledge of machine learning and ai concepts
    • Experience with Material-UI
** All candidates must submit either a portfolio link or upload examples with their application **Apply for this job [2]

  1. http://Labelbox.com
  2. https://jobs.lever.co/labelbox/f067e1fe-0135-42a0-8748-81bcabd0ffc3/apply

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