Mariany Amorim

Mariany Amorim

Customer Service/Support Manager


More than 14 years of background in Customer Experience, where I have vast knowledge in CRM systems and customer service principles and practices. Moreover, I have more than 5 years managing customer service-related teams in multinational companies and multicultural employees. I serve as a leader, customer advocate and partner to employees and customers. Therefore, I have the ability to triage incoming issues and prioritize accordingly, as to meet critical deadlines and work on a predefined schedule.

In hospitality experience, I delivered the required activities ahead of schedule and with results above expectations, always seeking to innovate and solve problems. On leadership roles, I implemented methodologies that resulted in humanized and efficient services in high-demand environments that required agility, striving to balance customer/company and employee satisfaction.

At Central Hotel, for instance: The restaurant was open to the public and usually hosted many business meetings. When I started there we had some difficulties on busy times, with guests without tables to sit or taking too long to be served. So I implemented some new processes, such as booking meetings and/or reserving rooms for events; a reorganization of the team, specifying each one’s area of actuation and duty; and a continuous information exchange with reception to regulate the transition of clients and avoid a packed environment.

Delivering competent results, meeting customer/company demand and keeping employees committed and motivated are what drive me in my work environment.

A situation in which I am proud of happened at Cosentino, where the Sales Executives were struggling to make leads, customer support and sales altogether, which resulted in a medium-score of sales. Given this scenario, I took the initiative in separating leads and customer Support from sales, where I made the filters and assisted with the support and the Sales team attended only the potential customers, resulting in a better focus on interested customers, greater engagement, and developing bigger sales numbers and value raising.

I focus on anticipating and solving problems, handling complex and escalated issues, going beyond meeting everyday demands and being a reference of support.

I am highly motivated about making an impact, a person with a positive and open to change attitude. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills. I am focused on the client x company x employee relationship, self-directed and results oriented. For me, teamwork is very constructive.

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