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I have replied to a second job offer I didn't have to look for. I would say this is working out well - A useful little service if you ask me.

Pierre Knôdlson

Pierre Knôdlson Front-end coder 🇨🇿

What I like is that I don't have to keep up with the job posts scattered all over the internet. Remote Weekly manages all this for me and sends me the weekly blast - amazing.

Alex Gojko

Alex Gojko Senior Graphic Designer 🇱🇹

If you're looking for a remote job while working fulltime at the same time, Remote Weekly is the best place to start with least amount of energy invested.

Karoline Sakurako

Karoline Sakurako Online Marketer 🇯🇵

You set it up once and you are done. I chose monday and friday as delivery days - and I've got offers every single time so far. It works well.

Klaus Wiltrud Chantal

Klaus Wiltrud Chantal Android Developer 🇧🇪

Hello Peter - I just wanted to thank you for creating Remote Weekly as it has helped me a lot while hunting for a remote job during this pandemic. I have couple of interviews set up for the next week and will let you know how it goes!

few days later
I got the job and I'm moving to Bali!!! I owe you a beer!

Alexa Franziska Wetzel

Alexa Franziska Wetzel Creative Copywriter 🇩🇪

There are so many job board now days. Everyone has a job board. It is really confusing as most of them don't even provide any additional value. They blindly copy each other posts. It's nice to see someone going into a different direction and adding some value.

Rizek Picu

Rizek Picu Sales & Marketing 🇮🇩

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