Hello Noah! It's time to brew ☕️ a cup of coffee and check out the latest remote openings we have picked for you. From 2786 jobs, 6 were suitable for you.
Hey there!
Noah, it's time to brew Hot a cup of coffee and check out the latest remote openings we have picked for you.
Here's a list of 6 remote jobs at Psygnosis, Konami, Sierra, Pied Piper and few others from the last couple of days.
1. this week
Psygnosis Social Media Strategist
Verified badge Psygnosis · $9,000 /mo, 1% equity
#social-media #advertising #paid-social #sales-marketing
Loom is a boutique advertising agency focused on accelerating growth for lifestyle brands in the world of fashion, beauty, retail, travel, food and fitness. Founded in 2012, we favor remote ways of working, with team members located in London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We encourage you to feel free to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have strong wifi. We are currently seeking a Social Media Strategist who will lead in the development of paid social media strategy and execute all campaigns for Facebook, Inst...
Other jobs at Psygnosis
  1. Remote In Nys: Invest In Our New York Campaign Coalition Coordinator Hot
  2. Director Of Development Hot
  3. Solutions Engineer
2. featured
Konami Content Marketing Specialist
Verified badge Konami · $60,000 - $70,000 USD / year
#usa #marketing #senior
Got a knack for creating industry leading thought leadership and engaging content? Do you have marketing experience in B2B industries? Are you capable of slaying B2B buyer pains and objections with words? As the Content Marketing Manager at Martianity, you’ll be working directly with Martianity’s stellar clientele operating within B2B industries Professional Services, Technology Consulting, Staffing and Recruiting, Software, and Business Process Outsourcing.
3. this week
Sierra Product Owner & Release Coordinator with Open Source Experience
Sierra · $48,000 - $118,000 USD / year
#crypto #react #javascript #backend #remote
Bolo is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace that enables the hosting of peer-to-peer applications by everyday users connected to the Internet. Bolo is an app built on Bolochain, our new open source, framework infrastructure technology for distributed peer-to-peer applications. Bolochain is lightning fast, massively scalable, cost effective, resource efficient, and eco-friendly.
Other jobs at Sierra
  1. Director Of Media Relations Hot
  2. Director Of Revenue Hot
  3. Customer Support Specialist Hot
4. today
Pied Piper Senior Technical Support Engineer
Pied Piper · $60,000 USD / year
#linux #vmware #windows
Tetabrain is building a team of top-notch senior tech support engineers. You will work hand-in-hand with engineers perform triage, cause analysis, debugging and troubleshooting of our product installations. You will help maintain our knowledge base of best practices, known issues and solutions and extend our support infrastructure by crafting and writing diagnostic tools/scripts.
5. today
Blitz Arcade Digital Marketing Manager
Blitz Arcade · $50,000 - $70,000 USD / year
#remote #estonia #marketing
If you love to nerd over digital marketing (paid and organic), proactively find new ways to grow, and work on a variety of projects, then we want you! ColosseumWeek is a SaaS tool for task scheduling, project planning, and team management. We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to improve the profitability of our paid advertising as well as build and grow our organic online presence. Ideally, you’d be happy to find and test new platforms that may work out for us and eventually help us get started with email marketing. If that sounds like...
6. this week
Blitz Arcade Software Tester
Verified badge Blitz Arcade · $30,000 USD / year
#crypto #react #javascript #backend #remote
Our project teams usually consist of 1-5 developers plus UX/UI design and dedicated QA. Since we create custom software, our projects often involve different technologies and industries, so there is always something new to learn. We like to keep things interesting!
Other jobs at Blitz Arcade
  1. Customer Service Representative Hot
  2. Copywriter-remote Hot
  3. Call Center Representative Hot

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