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Frontend Engineering Lead For Flutterwave

Skills: React As Flutterwave's lead front-end engineer, you’ll help build a product that makes it easy businesses to accept payment from customers across Africa. * You’ll lead the architecture and coding of our product’s front-end interface and user experience. * You'll work with Vue, ES6, and HTML/CSS to build and maintain new Knack features. * You’ll help develop and maintain a component library of design patterns and style guides in collaboration with design and product teams. * You’ll code every day. Although we expect technical and product leadership, everyone at Flutterwave is deeply invested in their craft and enjoys executing on a daily basis. * You’ll be a resource and mentor for the engineering team to level-up on front-end practices to ensure the entire team can be productive developing product features. * You'll play a key role in developing feature specs by bridging intent and execution. You'll collaborate with product and design teams, and you’re comfortable sharing feedback and explaining executional tradeoffs. yagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi #Location - Lagos, Nigeria / Remote