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Back-end Developer - Join and Grow With Us! 🔥

Join our fully remote team and work on a mass-market SaaS product that reaches millions globally. Whether you’re a RoR and React expert or a talented developer eager to learn, we’re interested in you!

We Value:

  • Smart problem-solvers: Your experience counts, but your ability to learn and tackle challenges matters most.
  • Resourcefulness: You find ways to get things done.
  • Drive: You aim high and don’t settle.
  • Creativity: You bring new ideas to the table.
  • Team spirit: Collaborating and sharing knowledge is second nature to you.
  • Love for learning: You’re always expanding your horizons.

Must-have Experience:

  • Software development (3+ years)
  • Intensive database work
  • Writing automated tests
  • Developing widely-used systems
  • Proficiency in version control

What We Offer:

  • Remote Flexibility: Work from anywhere in European, Middle Eastern, or African time zones.
  • Agile Environment: Small teams, short sprints, and supportive daily interactions.
  • Continuous Learning: Get up to speed on RoR, React, and more on the job.
  • Full-Stack Engagement: Contribute to all aspects from backend to front-end.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Rotate as a scrum master within months.

Timezone Alignment

Close collaboration is key. We prefer developers within European, Middle Eastern, or African time zones but are flexible for outstanding candidates willing to adapt to these hours.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/onthegosystems-back-end-developer-join-and-grow-with-us [1]

  1. https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/onthegosystems-back-end-developer-join-and-grow-with-us

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