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Military & Foreign Affairs Reporter Job Description

American Military News is looking for a full-time reporter to aggressively report and write on global foreign affairs, the U.S. military, homeland security, politics and cultural themes for the general public.

This is a remote position for a self-starting, ambitious person who has a passion for 21st century themes such as great power competition between free and autocratic countries, global instability and conflict, internal and external military politics, decentralized militarization of cyber and economics, domestic unrest, Pentagon strife and more.


  • Stalk the news cycle and constantly be reporting stories that keep AMN at the forefront of the news cycle; at the direction of Editors
  • Work with Editors on your reporting and on using our website and other technology to learn AMN systems and processes
  • Monitor analytics, be abreast of hot stories and analyze performance

Tasks include:

  • Writing daily articles at the direction of the Editors
  • Producing concise and accurate AP style copy, to deadlines
  • Researching, producing talking points and going 'live' on video during important breaking and timely stories


  • Must have previous newsroom and reporting experience,
  • Must have established knowledge and familiarity of global affairs, US military and national security
  • Must be familiar with and be willing to continually study and improve knowledge about journalism, technology and media and AMN's reporting themes
  • Must be passionate about learning new skills
  • Intermittent weekend and nights duty

Metrics For Success:

  • Quality of breaking news and relevancy of reporting on the site
  • Professionalism
  • Marketability of your stories
  • Overall interest and intensity towards the job

To Apply, Send:

  • Cover statement about why you want to work at AMN
  • Resume
  • Links to previous reporting work, writing or content creation (If you don't have any links, please submit a writing sample)
  • If you have any questions or wish to apply outside this listing, you can email .


  • $30,000 - $45,000
  • Annual Bonus
  • No benefits at this time.

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