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Full Stack Web Developer 🔥

We are looking for a Tech Unicorn / Full Stack Web Developer to join our team!

  • Must have startup experience

  • Expert coder, UX design, interactive design, UX research, experience/game design, game dev, Java, Python, C++

  • Figma, Sketch, Spline, Adobe CC, Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, InVision, InDesign, HTML/CSS, JS, Python, Java, C++, Swift, SQL, 3D designs, CAD

  • Can build both front and client side development + back end dev + creative code with emerging interactive tech → Unity, D3, and AR

  • BONUS AI SKILLS → able to leverage current AI tech 

BONUS MARKETING SKILLS → growth hacking, cra optimization, SEO optimization, branding positioning, funnel / content marketing, market research, social media, data gathering, management A/B testing, public relationship, analytics, copywriting, video marketing, emailing marketing

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