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Product Designer 🔥


Our mission: Make meetings better, for everybody


At Bizly, we want to turn meetings into the amazing sources of productivity, connection, and happiness they were meant to be. Our robust meeting-building platform gives organizations everything they need to plan and run gatherings to actually accomplish that. Now we need you.


We’re hiring our Product Designer


We’re welcoming more humans to our team to grow our capabilities, reach, and impact—and to change the fate of meetings forever.   This role is designed for a talented product designer who is passionate about building an end-user-focused SaaS application that solves a deep pain faced by millions of people every day.  We’re looking for an experienced product designer that believes that less is more.  We want to find a true minimalist who never loses sight of the details, has strong business acumen, loves data and user interviews, and thrives in the trenches delivering designs faster than most people think is possible.   


This is a “no ego, amigo” position. 


This is mostly an IC position with significant leadership and growth opportunities to build out a design department over time.  Most of your time will be spent on UI/UX product design but you would also be comfortable jumping over to help with marketing design work as may be needed.


Job Expectations


Your job every morning when you wake up is to help us ship thoughtful products that solve real pain for our users, make our customer’s workplaces happier and more productive, and design beautiful products much faster than most think is possible.  Second, we are looking for a leader in this position who will set the tone for the culture of the design department, and will actively work to recruit, mentor, and cultivate the talents on the design team.   We want to build a design department in which the team members truly care about the mission and about each other.



We need someone to


  • Define the design philosophy and systems

  • Fully map out and define the product design strategy considering the users, customers, business model, and mission

  • Develop a design system that stretches across brand, marketing, and product; working with what we have and refining it

  • Actively engage with peers and thought leaders in product design to identify innovative approaches that should be considered without over-indexing on what’s popular or trendy

  • Benchmark design excellence as a best-in-class product in the productivity SaaS category 

  • Design great product and brand assets 

  • Communicate the user experience at various stages of the design process with wireframes, flow diagrams, storyboards, mockups, and/or high fidelity prototypes

  • Jump into the product design backlog and assist in developing thoughtful and innovative solutions while fixing UX and design flaws along the way

  • Validate and test design solutions iteratively 

  • Drive a truly data-centric approach to product design iterations, working with product data as well as user interviews, A/B tests and other web analytics platforms 

  • Utilize best practices in user research principles and tools 

  • Continuously identify opportunities to reduce waste, focus on what’s most important, and ship design faster than most think is possible 

  • Work with our marketing team to unify the design system across everything we do

  • Build a great design team culture 

  • Work closely with other departments and ensure full cross-department alignment and communications

  • Be actively engaged in the talent sourcing, vetting, and hiring process for design talent

  • Create a culture of caring, thoughtfulness, and speed in the design department 

  • Own communications about our product design philosophy and updates, both internally and externally 


What you can bring to Bizly


  • 6+ years of experience in product design UX

  • Keen ability to communicate the user experience at various stages of the design process with wireframes, flow diagrams, storyboards, mockups, and/or high fidelity prototypes

  • Very strong market awareness and knowledge of cutting edge approaches, trends, technologies, and ‘the culture’ of the best-in-class user-facing product companies 

  • Expertise in enterprise SaaS

  • Foundational experience and strength in core Product, UX, analytics competencies, and project management

  • Strong knowledge of transactional, conversion-oriented experiences across either direct to consumer, or business to business

  • Experience with digital products and visual design projects and can speak to both successful and unsuccessful experiences

  • Has conducted A/B tests and experience with one or more web analytics platforms

  • Expertise in user research principles and tools (i.e. UserTesting, FullStory, Respondent, Wevo etc.), with the ability to build studies, execute, and turn qualitative insights into elegant designs

  • Prepared to improvise and problem solution on the spot with difficult, atypical problems

  • The ability to communicate your vision, strategy, and the reason behind your decisions both internally and externally 

  • The ability to work both strategically and tactically

  • A tactical “roll up the sleeves” approach to the work, being able to work independently and be resourceful when there isn’t a full-time or in-house resource available for the need at hand

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


You're the kind of person who


  • Is “no ego, amigo” -- checks the ego at the door and is dedicated to finding the best solutions 

  • Is a thoughtful minimalist with an inspired product design portfolio

  • Is an excellent storyteller who uses data to influence others 

  • Is passionate about technology and improving a problem faced by millions 

  • Knows what it takes to win in a startup environment


Inclusivity is central to our company, product, and mission. If you’re passionate, dedicated, and unafraid to change the status quo, we encourage you to apply, even if your experience isn’t an exact fit. At Bizly you’ll have the opportunity to grow, space to be yourself, and ownership over your success, not to mention a few perks. It’s an exciting time to get in early and make an impact following our 10x ARR growth over the past year. Show us what you got!


Psst: Our headquarters are in the Bay Area but we are fully remote-friendly.


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