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Digital Product Designer 🔥

External Job Description: As our Digital Product Designer, you’ll be a member of our versatile Experience Technology Creative team. In this role, you’ll design for client products and for GMR’s in-house product suite, which includes B2C and B2B experiences around hospitality, communication, and e-commerce. Your first project will be helping to build a new customer-facing experience from the ground up.

You’ll be responsible for creating polished, engaging, and intuitive UIs in collaboration with our UX and brand design teams. You will work within existing product design systems to apply and evolve them and create new systems that align with brand and experience goals.

To thrive in this role, you’ll need junior to mid-level experience, attention to detail and consistency, the ability to craft designs/visuals that will resonate with specific audiences, and comfortability identifying opportunities to elevate experiences with motion or other visual approaches.

Please submit your portfolio or work samples to be considered for this role.


We are the Experience Agency Making Unforgettable Stories Born of Humanity

NOT JUST EXPERIENTIAL. EXPERIENCE. The lines have blurred. People live in the physical, digital, and social worlds all at once, and your brand experiences should do the same.

NOT JUST TELLING. MAKING. The best stories are lived, not heard. Make an immersive world for people to explore so they can experience something they’ll never forget.

NOT JUST CONSUMERS. HUMANS. It all starts with the human. If you want to make a lasting impact, look beyond the wallet to understand what motivates and inspires people.


  • App/Web Design. You’ll need to utilize your UI, Visual Design, and UX knowledge to create designs for new products and apps efficiently and elegantly. To do so, you’ll need experience using design systems (like Figma & Sketch).
  • Solution-Oriented. You approach design challenges holistically, considering all parts of the experience, including UI/UX, business, and accessibility requirements.
  • Collaboration. You have experience cross-collaborating with different teams to accomplish projects. In this role, you’ll work with other designers and product, engineering, strategy, and marketing teams throughout product life cycles.
  • Project Management. You drive alignment, brainstorming efforts, and decisions by collaborating with and presenting designs to leadership and our cross-functional teams.
  • Continuous Improvement. You will iterate on existing products to ensure that we develop simple industry-leading user experiences and stay current with competitive product offerings and relevant technologies.
  • Subject Knowledge. You will have experience conducting research and applying your insights to designs while developing an in-depth understanding of the needs of diverse user bases (i.e., consumers, tech opps, and business partners)


We seek a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives so we can create memories that matter for everyone.

We strive for equity by meeting people where they are, eliminating barriers, and building on their unique talents so we can maximize everyone’s contribution. We seek to recognize, grow and unleash the perspective and possibility of each individual on our team.

Together, we’re on a powerful journey. Our guiding principles can be found here.

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