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Ml Research Scientist

We are building a new group of ambitious, independent-minded researchers to tackle the trustworthiness of billion-scale ML models. The team will work on the in-house large language models and large-scale multi-modal models at Naver. As an independent researcher, you will be given the autonomy to define and solve problems in billion-scale models. You will present your results through academic publications and tech transfers. You will build unique expertise in dealing with billion-scale models. Benefits We offer a highly competitive salary. You will enjoy good social security coverage in Germany. Qualifications We expect you to be able to conduct research end-to-end: from proposal to execution and presentation. We are seeking a PhD holder in machine learning or related topics and a good publication record (or an equivalent amount of expertise). Expertise in some of the following topics will be welcome. Natural language processing Computer vision Explainability and interpretability Bayesian ML and uncertainty Generalization and robustness Factfulness Commonsense reasoning Knowledge representation Model auditing Fairness Privacy and security Alignment Human feedback How to apply? Send your CV to recruit@parameterlab.de. Remaining questions? Write to recruit@parameterlab.de.

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