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Growth Marketer / Marketing Executive 🔥


Growth marketer / Marketing executive (online advertising)

Location :

Full Remote

  • Full time
  • 33K£ - 41K£ / year

  • Medical insurance
  • 28 days of holiday + 8 holidays per year
  • Payroll paid twice a month (50% mid-month, 50% end of month)
  • For formalities: UK social security card required

Start date of the contract

: as soon as possible (we can always try :D, but especially as soon as you are available!)


Job description

Reporting directly to the Director, your role is to promote our products and services internationally (US LATAM EMEA). You will carefully monitor all objectives and implement new processes to optimize results:

  • Design and deploy our lead acquisition campaigns via different channels (Social Networks, Google Ads, Emails, Affiliation, Retargeting etc.)
  • Build and optimize our lead funnel: landing page optimization (AB test, copywriting, personalization...)
  • Develop conversion and loyalty by activating and automating CRM and lead nurturing campaigns
  • Implement management and tracking tools to monitor campaign performance: traffic analysis and insights on the website and on our various platforms (email, landing page, website...)
  • Analyse results to monitor performance (conversion rate, ROI...)
  • Set up automatic processes to support our growth.


  • Ideal portrait

For this position, we are looking for a person with at least

2 years

of experience in a similar position. Experience in an advertising agency or in a marketing agency would be highly appreciated.


What makes you tick:


  • You like to evolve in a




  • Team player, ambitious and ultra-dynamic
  • Creative, versatile and curious
  • You are driven by


    and technological evolution

  • Digital enthusiast

    , always on the lookout for new ideas and techniques from the web
  • You have a formidable spirit of analysis and synthesis


Your key skills:


  • You keep up to date with the

    latest trends

    ... in short, you stay on top of things
  • You are able to


    on a daily basis to find ever more efficient methods to acquire your audience.
  • You know how to read and interpret


    , you don't fall into statistical traps (lean trap, bad sampling...)
  • You master all aspects of the

    digital economy


    digital advertising.

     From traffic acquisition to the optimization of the transformation, through the relationship between companies and consumers on social networks, the habits, and customs of the Web must be a real evidence.
  • You are bilingual in


    , with experience in the

    US/UK markets



Work environment

The team

: It is a new position, there is no marketing/communication team. You must therefore be autonomous at the beginning in order to put everything in place (communication strategy, tools to measure ...).

On a daily basis, you will be in close contact with Kévin, the director of the group, Jérémy, his assistant, and Naïm, the artistic director.

    • A





      simple atmosphere

    • Motivated






    • A team that loves


      , that wants to contribute to powerful projects that compete with the web giants.


The benefits (and evidence) of working at AudienceRun


  • You have a great deal of


    and your

    proposals are highly appreciated


  • You will work on

    multiple projects



    and our group


    (no mission at the client).
  • Possible

    evolutionary position

    : our top managers are all employees recruited at a lower level more than 5 years ago.
  • Our teams have been gathering experts in their speciality for more than 5 years. We are open to

    good practices


    new ideas



    and projects keep them loyal.
  • You will




    in the growth of a structure that is exploding:
    • All our projects are


    • Our two blogging platforms were in the

      top 3

      of the most used French platforms about ten years ago.
    • Our first advertising network, Ad6media

      became n°1

      on its core target in only a few months at its launch. Big partners, big web companies, have signed up with us: Lemonde, Leparisien, parismatch... Just imagine what we will do with AudienceRun and our other projects!


We are made to work together if you like :


  • Autonomy

    , taking




    , constant improvement in skills...
  • Evolve within a very

    friendly team

    without negative stress
  • working on different projects such as entertainment, games, advertising


Kevin, your future manager has a message for you:

"We like to give ourselves big challenges and take them on. For this position, we are looking for an autonomous, competent and ambitious person, who perfectly masters his field, in order to be an additional asset for our projects and bring new added value to our team of passionate people."

Turn around if...: 


  • You don't have the key skills for the job
  • You don't like to work in a fast-growing SME
  • You don't like big challenges

Don't wait any longer, apply and become the expert we are missing today!


Our detailed recruitment process


  • A

    30-minute phone interview

    with the hiring manager to better understand your career plan and answer all your questions
  • A

    video test

    will be sent to you to evaluate your abilities and give you a taste of what you could be working on
  • A

    60-minute video conference interview

    with your future manager and a member of the team to create a strong alignment on what he/she will expect from you and to tell you more about how he/she operates

We decide quickly, the hiring proposal follows within 48 hours :)

About AudienceRun

Our mission:

To deliver a wide range of innovative formats to publishers around the world to increase their revenue, and to provide advertisers with a powerful ROI-driven platform connected to the world.


Current context:

Freshly established in New York, London, São Paulo and Munich, the year 2020 looks particularly promising for AudienceRun, with the doubling of the workforce and the arrival of new solutions that will set us apart in the world of digital advertising. Our ambition is clear: to become a key player in advertising in Europe and on the entire American continent!


Our solutions :

A monetization solution for publishers with innovative and traditional formats to improve publishers' revenues.

A dedicated interface for publishers to analyse ads/budgets/revenues and a ROI solution for advertisers to manage campaigns in real time, quickly and easily.


We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment, both inside and outside of our walls, that values equality and diversity and where everyone can contribute at the highest level and have their voices heard. For us, this means hiring and developing talent across all races, ethnicities, religions, age groups, sexual orientations and gender identities.

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