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Sr Devops, Cloud System Engineer 🔥

Project Description

The Cloud Systems Engineer is part of a collaborative team that develops and manages cloud based infrastructure components that support our custom C# .NET multi-tenant SaaS applications for customers across the world. We are looking for Engineers with extensive experience in Cloud Infrastructure, Software Development and DevOps. This position will ensure that technology solutions align with business objectives while balancing the needs of security, availability and cost.


Design, deploy and support multi-system server architectures incorporating IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions on the AWS and GCP platforms
Work across teams to create solution designs while managing risks and issues that affect release scope, schedule, and quality
Coordinate multi-team initiatives across development, infrastructure and support to release new or improved features with minimal downtime
Create and improve proactive monitoring and analysis solutions to assess and report system and software health
Build custom tooling for developers and support to access low-level system functions in a user-friendly and secure manner
Create and publish custom software components for use by other developers
Perform root-cause analysis of system performance, availability and security incidents across software code, infrastructure and databases
Manage and prioritize backlog with input from Product Management, Engineering, and Support/Operations.
Create and maintain infrastructure as code in CloudFormation


You have 5+ years of experience building technologies for dynamic, ever-changing businesses
with a strong consumer or hospitality focus, ideally within a mission-driven brand and
distributed workforce. A tech forward or start-up environment = a gold star! 
Significant +4 years Flutter experience
● You are passionate about modern UI technologies, beautiful and polished UIs, building atop
a react/redux style state management system in Flutter.
● You’re excited to work in Flutter and have experience working with UI platforms such as
Flutter, React or Angular. Even better if you’ve done some iOS or Android native
● You have the ability to demonstrate you are a critical thinker and thought leader in software
development. You have a proven ability to break down and execute on complex business-
critical requirements.
● You have the ability to work independently and to be self-directing. You have a dedicated
workspace within the home with a secure internet connection. 
● You have a desire to work on a platform that is relentlessly customer focused.
● You have a strong desire to work at an early stage startup.
● You have a track record of taking ownership and showing initiative.
● You acknowledge that building a user experience from the ground up will involve a flexible,
untraditional schedule and include some nights, weekends and holidays. 
● You enjoy a stimulating working environment and have a great sense of humor. 
● You have excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • Payment in USD.
  • Free credentials for e-learning platforms.
  • Remote workshops & activities.

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