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Contracting Principal Devops Engineer 🔥

The Infrastructure team at import.io needs a committed, creative, passionate contracting engineer to help navigate new challenges and find solutions to the complex problems brought about by an organisation growing fast and working at huge scale. We regularly find ourselves spinning up over 60,000 vCPUs worth of compute power to access the data our customers require.

Our business has big plans, and we need good humans to help us achieve our ambitions.

About us

The web is the world’s largest database but getting data from the web is hard. import.io is on an ambitious mission to solve that problem and make web data a reliable, high quality data source. Effective use of data can provide incredible efficiency and value to almost any business, from the smallest independent company to the largest multinational. It can also advance education, academic research, charitable work, investigative journalism and many other efforts that help to make our world a better place.

We’ve built the world’s only enterprise Web Data Integration platform that can parse data from any website, at scale, and deliver that data accurately, on time, every time. We process hundreds of millions to billions of transactions every month. Our customers are among the world’s leading organisations and they use web data on their most important business problems, running mission critical applications and services with the web data that we provide to them. Together we will make sure that no one ever has to write a web scraper again - and we’re just getting started.

What you’ll do

  • Work with the Head of Cloud Engineering to lead on technical projects
  • Be a source of technical authority for the permanent engineers in the Infrastructure team
  • Design new infrastructure architectures and look to improve solutions we’re already using
  • Be responsible for the reliability and availability of our application infrastructure, including owning the monitoring and alerting space to support this
  • Help us manage our 25,000+ container EKS and ECS clusters
  • Improve existing CI/CD processes and help develop new approaches
  • Support our development teams by sharing DevOps culture and practice
  • Use innovative techniques and approaches to ensure our application and infrastructure provides the best possible value to the business
  • Help us automate legacy manual processes
  • Liaise with third-party providers to ensure external dependencies are running the way they’re meant to, and adding the value we need
  • Add value to the Infrastructure team in the areas listed above
  • Ensure that monitoring and alerting is robust across the estate, especially for new applications coming online during this time period
  • Complete a significant number of Jira items around the deployment of new application infrastructure; data delivery efficiency; and cost optimisation
  • Leading mission critical technical projects
  • Strong infrastructure operations background
  • Strong general computing knowledge, especially in networking and web technologies
  • Web-based application architecture and AWS-specific infrastructure architecture
  • Creating/developing monitoring and alerting systems to ensure 24x7x365 availability and reliability
  • Database infrastructure and a working knowledge of their query languages
  • Containers, especially Docker and orchestration tools like ECS or Kubernetes
  • Git and a programming language, e.g. Python, TypeScript, Go, Rust, etc.
  • Shell scripting and general Linux knowledge
  • YAML-based CI/CD tools, e.g. CircleCI, Bitbucket Pipelines, Gitlab CI/CD, Github Actions
  • Infrastructure as Code tools, e.g. Terraform, AWS CDK, AWS Cloud Formation
  • Data pipelines using tools like Kinesis Firehose, Redshift Spectrum and Redshift
  • AWS resources like App Mesh, EFS and Elastic Beanstalk
  • Postgres and NoSQL databases (like MongoDB, DynamoDB etc)
  • The ability to deploy infrastructure using CDK with TypeScript
  • Kubernetes in general, plus network policies, service meshes and all that good stuff
  • Working with large scale Kubernetes or ECS clusters
  • The Atlassian suite - Jira, Confluence, Opsgenie etc.

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