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Machine Learning Engineer Nlp/speech 🔥

We are a fast growing startup in the ML-based voiceover and Text to Speech market, we are hiring ML engineers specialised in ML/NLP and Speech Synthesis, the position is fully remote.


  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks (e.g. Tensorflow, PyTorch)
  • In-depth understanding of deep learning networks like CNNs, and Transformers.
  • Experience training large models on multiple GPUs.
  • Experience in design, development, and maintenance of tools for ML data and modeling pipelines, including big data processing, model training and evaluation, continuous integration and development, model quality monitoring and analytics.

Preferred Experience (any of the following):

  • Multilingual speech synthesis
  • Real-time speech synthesis
  • Experience with speech synthesis based architectures e.g. Waveglow, Tacotron, FastSpeech.

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