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Equality Health is an Arizona-based population healthcare company focused on improving care delivery for underserved populations through culturally-sensitive programs that improve access, quality, and patient trust. Our mission is to ensure diverse populations receive quality healthcare that improves and enriches their lives. We have developed our product portfolio around centralized technology, services and network designs intended to organize a better healthcare delivery system for cultures that have struggled with integrating into the tradition one-size-fits-all U.S. healthcare system.
The Account Manager is primarily responsible for developing and cultivating strong, long-term client relationships, devising and driving account growth strategy – including revenue and membership growth, identifying and exceeding client expectations, and ultimately growing the Equality Health footprint within each account. This individual serves as the central and key point of contact for our Clients and will serve as a brand ambassador for Equality Health. This is a Texas-based position and the ideal candidate will reside in the metro Dallas or Houston area.

  • Develop short-term and long-term business plans for strategic account growth and account relationship mapping
  • Identify and build strategies to include EQH solutions in order to support client initiatives
  • Provide oversight and coordination of operations and the implementation and contract renewal process
  • Establish clear internal and external communication channels pertaining to account
  • Communicate with Clients on a regular basis and respond to specific queries
  • Identify and coordinate internal teams to deliver on contractual commitments
  • Engage and coordinate Executive Sponsors and subject matter experts (SME) as needed
  • Providing comprehensive reports on client growth and strategy.
  • Manage escalation process and provide options for resolution
  • Understand changes to the healthcare industry including regulatory and competitive pressures
  • Work with internal Community and Marketing teams to promote and coordinate community outreach efforts with Client partners (e.g., partnership promotions and joint events)
  • Develop and conduct informational presentations and special events with prospective and existing clients both in-person and virtually
  • Play an integral role in developing and maintaining the EQH’s mission and vision within the community and healthcare landscape
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing, or a directly related field of study
  • Minimum ten (10) years of experience in a strategic account manager or health plan/key account manager role
  • Proven sales experience in a B2B, value-based care environment in the healthcare industry
  • Demonstrated leadership ability and skills in critical thinking, strategic planning, analysis and systems thinking
  • Hands-on experience with CRM software and account management systems
  • Proven track record in achieving results with health plans
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with an aptitude for building strong client relationships
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications and web-based technologies
  • Establish and maintain positive and effective work relationships with a diverse network of clients, administrative leadership and staff
  • Successful record of managing multiple projects with demonstrated ability to work independently in rapidly-changing environments
  • Strong problem-solving skills, including the ability to systematically analyze problems, draw relevant conclusions and devise appropriate courses of action
  • Able to convey complex or technical information in a manner that others can understand and understand and interpret complex information from others

Job Type: Full-time

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