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Founding Engineer 🔥

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SIRUM is reimagining US healthcare enabling everyone to access affordable medication 

SIRUM drives the future of healthcare by connecting people with surplus medications. Our goal is to leverage the ~$10B of surplus that goes to waste every year to improve health equity for the 10M adults in the US who can’t afford their prescriptions. Everyone deserves the medications they need to stay healthy. We deliver on this promise by ensuring medicine prices that are low, stable, & transparent and that families’ health comes first. 

Founded at Stanford University and a Y Combinator Alumni, we’re a fast-growing, non-profit, for-impact startup at the intersection of health tech + social enterprise. Our platform moves $575,000 worth of medications every week, sourced from hundreds of medicine donors across dozens of states. Join us in building a national solution to the drug pricing epidemic that has been featured on The TODAY Show, The New York Times [1], and Forbes [2].

Fullstack "Founding" Engineer

As one of the first two full-time engineers, you will work directly with the co-founder/CTO, play a key role in the direction and architecture of our technology, and gain exposure to every functional part of the organization, including all three of our core teams: pharmacy, clinic partnerships, and medicine donors. This will be an intense startup role with no typical day but best of all, you will see a direct and immediate impact of your work on the health and wellbeing of tens of thousands of patients.

Our future teammate will:

  • Take full ownership over one of our three core applications.
  • Create simple yet powerful internal and external interfaces for our users and staff
  • Improve our technology resilience using automated failovers, scaling, & comprehensive testing
  • Help refactor our code into single page applications and microservices as it makes sense
  • Improve our devops to quickly and confidently integrate, test, and deploy our code to AWS

What we are looking for:

  • Mission Driven. Use your development skills to help families get the medicine they need
  • Ownership Mentality. 2+ years working on a small team and 5+ years in JS, PHP, and/or SQL. Understand and optimize our overall infrastructure and database schema
  • Context Shifting. Ability to switch between languages, applications, and backend/frontend
  • Problem Solving. You enjoy digging into the complexity and nuances of problems
  • Project Management. Incorporate business strategy into priorities and realistic timelines
  • Self-Starter.  Set ambitious goals and timelines for yourself and then follow through
  • HealthTech space. You have experience building pharmacy software.

  1. https://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/20/recycling-unused-medicines-to-save-money-and-lives/
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/samanthasharf/2015/10/06/1-million-to-change-the-world-competition-goes-to-sirum-for-recycling-unused-meds/

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