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Senior Data Engineer 🔥

Are you looking to have an impact on the daily life of millions of entrepreneurs in France and Europe?

Do you thrive in a trustful, fast-paced environment?

Do you feel like our Engineering principles [1] are aligned with your vision?

Then Pennylane might be the right place for you — and you, might be the perfect fit for this role 🙂

Our vision

We aim to become the most beloved financial Operating System of European SMEs.

We help business owners get rid of the time consuming hassle of handling accounting and finance, while giving them access to key information that they can use to make better decisions.

Meanwhile, we’re helping accountants. By using Pennylane, rather than doing manual and repetitive tasks, they can spend more time advising and guiding their clients.

About us

Pennylane is one of the fastest growing Fintechs in France (and soon to be in Europe!)

In 2 years of existence, we’ve managed to:

💻 Make ourselves known as a groundbreaking accounting and financial software for small businesses and their accountants

💰 Raise a total of €84 millions, including from Sequoia 🌲, the famous fund from the Silicon Valley who invested early in companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Stripe, Paypal and much more...

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Grow from 7 cofounders to 250 happy Pennylaners: we’re now recognized as one of the greatest places to work in France (but also remotely), with a 5/5 rating on Glassdoor [2] and an e-NPS of 94

🌍 Build an international environment with more than 26 nationalities, with a strong remote-friendly culture, where 30% of the employees are already working from all parts of Europe

🤝 Earn the trust of thousands of customers and accounting firms and obtain outstanding ratings [3]

WHY this position is of utmost importance to reach our mission

At Pennylane, every decision that is not backed by data is likely to be challenged (when data is available of course). This culture is embraced by the leadership team, and actively promoted everywhere. The role of the data team is to make this possible by treating data like a production asset, making it available company-wide, and using it proactively to improve Pennylane’s user experience.

By joining us as a Senior Data Engineer, you will have a pivotal role in large projects, bringing your data architecture and engineering expertise to help us meet our high delivery standards.

HOW you will contribute to the company as a Senior Data Engineer

As a Senior Data Engineer, you will be part of the Data Engineering ****team (5+ people), inside the Data department (12+ people).

- You will be a key architect of our Data Platform, from data ingestion and validation to transport, storage and exposure to consumers

- You will lead the design and implementation of data solutions (streaming, ETL, etc)

- You will work hand in hand with data scientists and analysts to implement analytics and machine learning solutions.

- You will work closely with software engineers - the most critical data producers - to guarantee data quality and integrity, and promote a culture where data is seen as a production system

WHAT you can expect from your life at Pennylane

Within one month:

- You will learn everything about our company, our teams, and our vision during the first onboarding week.

- You will familiarize yourself with our stack, and have delivered a few small projects which will give you a concrete taste of our tools & processes.

- You will be given time to meet your future stakeholders, and gain a deep knowledge of our product and operations.

Within 3 months:

- You will be fully in charge of items in our roadmap, defining and prioritizing your tasks autonomously

- You will be confortable with our technical stack (AWS, Terraform, streaming, batch, scheduling, warehousing)

- You will contribute to larger cross-team projects

Within 6 months:

- You will proactively contribute to the team’s roadmap

- You will work with engineers and data practitioners on improving our stack and data platform

- You will share your learnings and best practices within the team

And beyond: the data team will continue growing with the company, which means:

- Opportunities to recruit and mentor new team members

- Increased accountability in project leadership

- Responsibilities to design and implement new processes, tools and best practices to make sure that your team works even more efficiently

What do we do to make your work life easier :

🏥 You will have a great healthcare cover (Alan Blue) to take care of yourself and your family

🍜 You will have lunch credits (Swile card) to buy your favorite food every day

🏢 You will be able to work from our wonderful office in the center of Paris, or from any WeWork in Europe [4]

🏡 If you have a fully remote contract, you will have a budget to turn your home into a more comfortable workspace, as well as a monthly allowance to work from a coworking space whenever you feel like it

🏝You will get 10 additional days off (to the 25 standard ones) to rest and do what you love each year

Through our partner Gymlib, you will have access to 8000 fitness spaces and more than 300 activities related to wellness

🇬🇧 You will have access to Busuu [5] to perfect your english or learn a new langage of your choice

💻 You will get the latest Apple equipment

🎉 You will be part of a vibrant social community: we do lots of sports together (foot, running, climbing...), we love to hang out and have a drink together (Thursday afterwork drinks on our rooftop is a usual thing), twice-a-year we hold company seminars (last time we went on a trip to the French Alps and it was fabulous!)

What does the recruitment process look like?

- A first interview with our Talent Acquisition Manager

- A technical test to assess your coding skills (60-90 minutes)

- A case study interview to cover a technical topic closely related to one of our priorities (75 minutes)

- A past project interview to hear about your technical experience (60 minutes)

- An interview with our Tech & Product founders to discuss our company culture

We make sure we move fast; you can expect the recruitment process with us to last between 15 and 25 days in total.

Who are we looking for?

You may have noticed that there was no section listing the skills or qualities required to apply for this specific job. Research showed that some people are less likely to apply than others, if they don’t feel like they meet the full list of criteria. So we have decided to take it down entirely.

We have tried to give you as much details as we could about the purpose, missions and environment of this role; it is now up to you to tell us if you think this is a position in which you could a) have fun and b) bring value to our company.

If you’re hesitating, we encourage you to apply anyway: worst case scenario, you might lose a few minutes, and in the best case, it will be the start of a meaningful and long-lasting collaboration.

We also want to emphasize that we fully embrace diversity and that we’re doing our best to create a safe and inclusive environment. We are committed to providing an equal employment opportunity regardless of gender, sexual orientation, origin, disabilities, or any other traits that make you who you are. If anything, diversity makes us a more fun place to work at.

To end with a humble illustration of our commitment, we’ve recently signed the Pacte Parité [6] to set concrete goals in building a better and more inclusive workplace in the years to come.

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