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Senior Penetration Tester

I'm the hiring manager of a fully remote red team. We are a close nit team that enjoys hacking together and have never had anyone quit the team. We don't pretend to be a family or best friends (although that has happened). Our job is to bring interesting clients and projects and provide resources, tools, and a work environment where you can be the best hacker you can be. We don't intrude in your personal life and do not bring any form of politics into the workplace. Your code, conference talks etc all belong to you and are at your discretion. We have a reporting tool that makes reporting less miserable so you'll never need to open Microsoft Word/Libreoffice. We have more work than we can handle and need to grow our team. We're looking for a strong senior webapp pentester, preferably who can also own external/internal networks. Certs and education are not required. If you are a good hacker, can work well with others remotely, and are can write reports, I'd like to talk to you. Our company has been in business 20 years and is privately held.

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