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Head Of Product / Lead Product Manager 🔥

Role We are looking for an entrepreneurial product leader capable of wearing many hats and partnering with the founders to build an impactful education technology venture. You'll drive our product roadmap and strategy, define product requirements and specs, collaborate with our engineers to ship product, and more! You'll also support marketing, professional services, and customer success, and ultimately do whatever it takes to make Avela successful. What's most important is a product leader capable of both strategic, high-level thinking to drive our product strategy and roadmap, as well as a detail-oriented product manager capable of outlining product requirements and collaborating with product designers and engineers to ship software. At least for the next year or so, you'll be the only product manager on the team, and will work with one product designer and a team of (in-house) software developers. You'll be our 5th full time employee and will receive commensurately significant equity and lower cash compensation. This role is best for an established product leader who is excited to swing for the fences to build a unicorn startup while changing the face of public education.

  • Lead an agile approach to defining and building the product: Lead product-market exploration, including the pilots, school/district interviews and both primary and secondary research. Lead design sprints to prototype. Identify product and market requirements (PRD/MRD). Codify a high level product strategy and roadmap (epics/themes). Design product specs, including user stories, tasks, feature definitions, and mockups.
  • Support engineering to build and ship products: Thinking through features in detail, including corner cases, and preemptively answering engineer questions. Providing data/analysis and customer research where needed. Partnering with engineering lead to develop an agile approach to product development. Project managing (SCRUM Master) agile sprints.
  • Support sales, marketing, and pilot efforts: Lead product marketing (initially), including developing collateral, blog posts, demo videos, product overviews. Lead sales demos and technical sales conversations. Enable sales and marketing with product or technical training, demo scripts, etc.

Role Qualifications
  • Expertise in product management methodologies, processes, etc.
  • 8+ years as a product manager
  • Preferred: Education experience or deep understanding of K12 or higher education
  • Demonstrated passion for in education, equity, or social impact
  • Customer-centric mindset and passion for education, equity, or social impact
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and drive, extraordinary comfort with ambiguity, enjoyment wearing many hats
  • Among the best at what you do with a growth mindset and desire to constantly improve
Company Avela is an education technology startup focused on equity in education admissions and enrollment. We give enrollment, admission, and award officers the tools to make equitable decisions about the allocation of educational opportunities. We work with school districts and charter networks across the country, including Oakland Enrolls, Tulsa Public Schools, Jersey City Board of Education, and New Orleans Public Schools. We also work with a range of nonprofits and NGOs, including Teach for America and the Inter-American Development Bank. Our platform has four parts to cover each stage of the admission journey, from exploring options to applying and final selection and admission. Our flagship product, Avela Match, is used for running coordinated matching markets to assign individuals to programs, such as public school placements in choice districts. We also offer a range of consulting services to help districts implement enrollment reforms and advance equity in educational programs. Learn more at avela.org [1]. Team Avela was founded by a renowned team of visionaries, including Nobel Laureate Joshua Angrist, Clark Medalist Parag Pathak, and social entrepreneur Greg Bybee. We have a passionate team of entrepreneurs, engineers, economists, and data scientists - get to know us at https://avela.org/team [2]. Location We are a flexible, fully remote company. We just ask that everyone work continental US hours to facilitate collaboration. #LI-Remote Benefits Significant equity, passionate team, flexible work policies, unlimited vacation, and full health benefits. Learn more at avela.org/careers [3].

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