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Global Marketing Director

Global Marketing Director | Global | Flexible location

About Sistema.bio

Sistema.bio is a leading social enterprise operating in Latin America, India, and Africa by bringing technology, training and financing to smallholder farmers. Headquartered in Mexico City, Sistema.bio promotes a world where waste is a resource, and farmers are empowered and productive. We manufacture, sell, install and finance our patented biodigester systems for small and medium scale farmers to convert their waste into economic, health and environmental benefits. We have reached over 30,000 farms and over 180,000 people in 30 countries with clean energy & fertilizer and are on the pathway to reduce 1% of global GHG emissions!

By the end of 2025, our goal is to have installed biodigesters for a million people with our technology where they lack access to clean, renewable, and cost-effective energy.

Sistema.bio is the 2019 Ashden Clean cooking Awards winner, 2019 Schwab World Economic Forum Fellow, 2019 United Nations SDG 7 leader, and has been recognized by Buckminster Fuller Institute, Ashoka, Endeavor and many other leading awards, organizations and partners.

You can be a part of this impact story!

Who is the Global Marketing Director at Sistema.bio?

Reporting to the Chief Growth Officer, you will be responsible for setting the strategic goals and implementing the tactics for Sistema.bio’s 5-year growth goals.

As with many leadership positions at Sistema.bio, you will be part of a cross-functional and global team that engages deeply with our customers, partners, and products in all Sistema.bio countries.

Who is the Global Marketing Director at Sistema.bio?

  • Strategizing and prioritizing initiatives with the Chief Growth Officer related to growing brand awareness, building-out the global marketing function, demand generation, metrics definition and tracking, tool creation, process creation, and analysis related to efficiencies.
  • Evaluating our current strengths and gaps in brand marketing, demand generation, lead management (B2B and B2C), product marketing, CAC, and beyond.
  • Leading the initiatives and projects that address our existing gaps, thus opening up achievable pathways to our growth success.
  • Implementing the answers to “what is version 2.0 of the Sistema.bio Marketing function?
  • Taking existing data-driven findings regarding customers, markets, and products and defining high-value actions that enhance growth.
  • Measuring results rigorously with data.
  • Collaborating closely (weekly meetings, reports, etc) with our in-house communications and content management teams internally, but as well with global partners externally.
  • Planning and implementing the outreach strategies to various customer segments.
  • Managing of our country marketing coordinators across multiple markets.
  • You are an experienced, senior leader with a minimum of 5 years in a senior demand-generation, marketing, or related role, preferably for a high-growth startup.
  • You have experience with: emerging markets: market where purchasing power per customer is low
  • companies that work with “on the ground,” physical operations (versus software)
  • digital marketing
  • Social media based marketing tactics, strategy, and analytics
  • Identifying and rolling out processes, A/B tests or experiments
  • You love both strategic thinking and being involved in the details of implementation
  • You understand the dynamics of recruiting, growing, and leading a marketing team that can reach its goals
  • You are analytical: you thrive presenting convincing and honest proposals based on data
  • You are a true team player: you enjoy working collaboratively with cross-cultural teams
  • Bonus points for you if you have: experience in a high-growth startup (or more!),
  • traveling and working internationally and cross-culturally,
  • passion for social impact, climate change and/or smallholder farmers
  • experience working with smallholder farmer value chains
  • MBA or experience in finance
  • Diverse experience prior to specializing in marketing or related work such as in operations, sales, consulting, product research, customer service, analytics etc

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