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Social Media Activator

We are a decentralized organization, therefore we're not HIRING anyone. We're looking for someone to be part of the Ootopia's Circle, energizing this role by creating content, managing posts and interactions on OOTOPIA's social media. With graphic and textual skills, good understanding of how the media platforms works and great ability to capture topics and trends to propose ideas and actions that are part of the conversation and generate community involvement.

Prerequisites: fluency in English, proactivity, agility, self-management and organization skills, genuine interest in co-creating the transition to a regenerative world!


We work remotely, so any place on planet Earth with a good internet signal will be fine for co-creating with us.


As for remuneration, the values will be combined according to the role, degree of dedication and personal needs.

And, most important of all, we are looking for people who are as enthusiastic about Ootopia as we are. People who connect heartily and fully with the project and bring a vibrant energy to help make it a reality!!

If you're interested, please send an e-mail to guilherme@ootopia.org [1] introducing yourself and answering 3 questions:

1) What are your motivations for applying for this role?

2) How do you explain what OOTOPIA is and why you want to co-create it?

3) What are your payment expectations?

  1. mailto:guilherme@ootopia.org

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