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The Abdorrahman Boroumand Center for Human rights in Iran (ABC) seeks a social media manager with human rights campaigns experience to manage an expanding social media presence geared toward raising the organization’s profile, promoting original content, and advocating for our core mission values before an international audience. Position can be performed from a remote location or in office.

Responsibilities of the position will include:

  • Composing and publishing written content on a variety of topics, with emphasis on promoting ABC proprietary resources available in the Omid Memorial, Human Rights and Democracy Library, and project pages
  • Creating, with the use of ABC visual assets (e.g. templates,) interesting visual content for promotional purposes
  • Using creativity to help develop content that invites engagement, including video scripts and infographics
  • Conducting outreach to activists, journalists, and other stakeholders in line with promoting content and raising ABC’s profile and credibility
  • Coordinating with ABC research staff to ensure articles and other content of interest is noted, stored, translated, and re-published in Farsi where appropriate
  • Maintaining ABC social media accounts and assisting with technical and billing issues as they arise
  • Daily tracking of relevant media to identify news trends, report to other colleagues, and use emergent opportunities to promote content
  • Coordinating with other ABC social media staff to ensure coherence with Persian-language publishing and news tracking work
  • Responding to basic queries from social media users and referring them to other ABC staff when necessary
  • Regular reporting on ABC’s social media performance, including both quantitative (e.g. traffic metrics) and qualitative (selecting and storing user exchanges) measures
  • Technically assisting other ABC staff as needed
  • Keeping abreast of emerging trends and innovations in the digital media field and making recommendations for new opportunities to expand or enhance ABC’s work
  • Perform routine organizational and administrative duties (e.g. keeping timesheets)
  • Occasional drafting, copy editing for pressing social media-adjacent items, as needed
  • Professional fluency in English
  • Professional experience (minimum 2 years) with major popular social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Mailchimp
  • Professional experience (minimum 2 years) in human rights and/or Iran work
  • Technical knowledge of Microsoft suite and analytics services such as Google Analytics and graphic Adobe Photoshop or similar design software.
  • Background knowledge of trends, areas of interest, user behavior, and community standards in human rights campaigns.
  • Capacity to research and synthesize information from a number of sources to identify persuasive arguments and deploy them on social media
  • Willingness to spend a substantial amount of time familiarizing yourself with ABC’s considerable content archives, both offline and online, in order to utilize them effectively in online exchanges

Discipline: As a representative of a human rights organization, candidate must be willing to defend ABC’s positions before an ideologically diverse audience

Civility: Candidate must conduct social media engagement and outreach in a way that respects difference of opinion and a variety of educational, socio-economic, and ideological backgrounds

Discretion: ABC’s work is sensitive, and the safety and well-being of our staff and collaborators is at ongoing risk. Candidate must respect the confidential nature of ABC’s internal content, working arrangements, and personnel situation

Professionalism: Candidate must be able to work cooperatively in a fast-paced, multilingual office with a staff of diverse national, ethnic, and political backgrounds. Ability to offer and receive constructive criticism is essential.

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