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Front End Web Developer

AWE is hiring a Remote Front End Web Developer### WHO ARE AWE

We are the original pioneers in the web-based Augmented Reality industry and after years of R&D, we launched the world's first "commercial webAR creation platform" way back in 2016.

The AWE (Augmented Web Experiences) platform enables people to create image AR, spatial AR, face AR, location AR and interactive 360° or webVR experiences using our drag and drop editing tool or your own custom code.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We strive to make creating webAR experiences as easy as possible. They range from heavy hitting corporates, to government departments, global digital agencies, marketing agencies (small, medium and large), digital freelancers and educators.

Within these companies our customers tend to be the creative forces; think "designers, artists, 3d modellers, front end developers and js folk that don't have the knowledge or the time to get their heads into the complex space that is webAR".

We make their lives easier by giving them the online tools they need to create a range of webAR experiences that "just work". All in your web browser. Experiences that seamlessly work across different devices without needing to add any code (unless you want to).

We are seeing increasingly strong growth in our customer base as more people are coming to understand what AR is, and more importantly how AWEsome it is when it's delivered through the web browser.

Covid also means people are using webAR to connect to their customers in new and innovative ways too.


Since its inception, AWE has been a "remote first and remote only" company and have established our team, processes and work based around this idea. We believe that life and work aren't separate. Supporting our team to work flexibly and remotely enables people to be more productive and allows for you to fit "more of your life" into your day.

Our team is currently distributed across Europe and the Asia Pacific region, although we're open to welcoming new team members from anywhere in the world.

We don't have a physical office. Your office could be your home or a co-working space, a beachside cafe or the top of a mountain. As long as you have an internet connection, you decide where you work from. We have a culture of trust and accountability so we don't tell you when and where to work. Rather we are focused on productivity and open communication within the team. We encourage the team to have at least a 2-4 hour working time crossover window each day, especially with team members you may be currently working on a specific project with. And each day we have an all-in team meeting. For some, this means starting earlier in their day (freeing up your afternoons and evenings), for others it is starting later in the day, and some even like to split up their work times across their day and evening.

Our primary communication is via online chat, and tickets/wiki for work tasks, allocation and documentation. Our primary language is English as this is the common language across team members. We don't mind if you don't have perfect spoken English, however your written English needs to be pretty good, as is your ability to type quickly in online channels as part of team discussions.

We also have a flat team structure, so you will be talking and working with anyone and everyone in the team when you need to.


We don't believe in giving you a list of tools and frameworks you need to have a high proficiency in. We don't need you to have a specific number of years experience under your belt. What we are looking for is someone with a passion for the web and experience building web based applications to work with our growing team to continue our groundbreaking work in the spatial and augmented web.


  • You have a good working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Have at least some experience with vanilla javascript
  • Good git skills
  • Have a working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite of tools or similar (e.g. Sketch, Figma, Invision, etc.). We're not asking you to be a designer, but you'll need to code product and project user interfaces, optimise images and other media from our content, design and UX team.
  • You have experience creating web based applications and
  • You are a great communicator. You appreciate the importance of clear communication, especially when working with a remote team. 
  • You bring a genuine aptitude for problem solving and the ability to work autonomously with a high degree of accountability. You are happy working on a task by yourself, but you take initiative to involve other team members when necessary. 
  • You have a high attention to detail. You are intimately familiar with the complexities of web development, e.g. mobile responsiveness, browser compatibility and ensure you QA all work before handing it over for integration or review.

Salary based on demonstrable skills and experience, and location.

Salary and compensation

$20,000 — $40,000/year


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Front End Web Developer

Front End Web Developer

AWE is hiring a Remote Front End Web Developer### WHO ARE AWE We are the original pioneers in the web-based Augmented Reality industry and after years of R&D, we launched the world's first "commercial webAR creation platform" way back in 2016. The AW

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