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Do you want to change the way the world gets faster?

Do you love to write, educate, and engage people? We've got a job for you!

Here at TrainerRoad, we're great at making people faster cyclists. We're not so great at copywriting. We've got a TON of copywriting work, but no one with the passion and skill to execute effectively.

We believe that an effective copywriter needs the same things an effective engineer needs:
  • Clear goals and guidance with context and an overarching roadmap
  • Work broken down into bite-size chunks
  • Ability to practice Deep Work and go into Flow
  • Peer review with candid feedback
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Remote Work (We can help relocate you if you want to move to Reno)
  • 401k with 4% company matching
  • 99% of employee's individual health care paid (I know 99% is weird...it's an ACA thing, and it ends up being just a few dollars per paycheck). You can see a preview of what you'd pay here: https://secure.zenefits.com/benefitsPreview?token=3733c1ac-fc72-420a-b224-d9a25bcc1e27
  • Flexible schedule
  • Access to the latest fitness devices (power meters, trainers, sensors, etc.)
  • Loves to write
  • Has experience writing great copy
  • Can consistently execute on producing copy and taking things across the finish line
  • Understands the power-based cycling training world
  • Wants to learn about the details of science-backed training then convey them clearly and simply.
  • Someone who can overlap 4-6 hours with our US west coast office who is a US Citizen (It's just makes everything easier, sorry i18n peeps).
  • Resume
  • Cover letter - Let us know why you want to work for TR.
  • Salary requirement - Tell us how much you want to get paid. Let's just be upfront about it. We won't try to undercut you. Give an exact number rather than a range.
  • Writing exercise - Describe TrainerRoad in a few sentences. The audience is cyclists who are familiar with trainers and power meters, and a friend told them to check out TrainerRoad.com.
  • Writing sample - Link or append another writing sample that you're proud of.
Good luck, and thanks for taking the time to apply!

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