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Software Developer

Job Title: Software Developer Location: Remote Duration: 12 Months

Preferred Skills: -

  • Knowledge of Go and Python
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes and building Kubernetes Operators
  • Knowledge of using and operating large scale Prometheus and Alert Manager instances to monitor production workloads - Experienced in working with containerized workloads and management platforms like Docker or Kubernetes
  • Past experience working with public cloud platforms like IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure or others
  • Systematic problem-solving approach, coupled with excellent communication skills and a sense of ownership and drive
  • Experience with using our databases (e.g, postgres, redis, elasticsearch, etcd, mongodb, rabbitmq, cassandra)

Job Description:

We are looking for software engineering contractors to join our team to support our platform resiliency initiatives for our databases as a service portfolio.

  • Candidates should have a strong desire to work within a CI/CD environment and have a passion for embracing new cloud technologies and working with our customers to ensure they are successful.
  • You need to be collaborative, able to handle responsibility, and love learning new techniques and tools. With quality and robustness in mind you will drive and implement new tools to facilitate operations, create applications to gather insights into our platform, or changes to resolve or mitigate commonly hit operational issues related to our database offerings.
  • Strong candidates will have applied knowledge and experience of scripting language(s); Go, Python, Jenkins, Kubernetes or other.

Engineers that have been successful in this area typically have: -

  • Experience of Software component development, Container based deployments and best practice in Security, Compliance, High Availability, Resilience - Demonstratively strong communication skills.
  • Strong communication skills both written (Slack/Email), and Video Conferencing (Zoom/Webex/Google etc) will be required to be successful.
  • Ability to self-motivate and prioritize workload.
  • Analyzing system and application logs to understand the root of the problem

Required skills:

  • Bachelor's in Engineering, Computer Science, or relevant experience
  • Two years software engineering experience (design, implementation, testing)
  • Experience with continuous deployment and integration
  • Experience with developing monitoring for production components and instrumenting code for observability
  • Ability to debug, optimize code, and automate routine tasks
  • Experience with programming languages
  • Capability to work in a global, multicultural and diverse environment
  • Fluent English
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