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Fig (YC S20): Seeking Part Time Intern for Terminal Dev Tool ( / Remote)

Fig makes the Terminal more accessible to beginners and more productive for advanced engineers. Our first product is autocomplete. We just raised our seed from a VC you know + founders/executives at Github, Heroku, Stripe, Datadog (we haven't publicly announced this yet hence anonymity).

We are looking to hire a part time intern for the remainder of this year. We want someone with a good systems backgrounds + some javascript and/or sql knowledge.

You can learn more + apply (just a resume drop) here:

??? https://withfig.com/internship/ [1] ???

??? https://withfig.com/internship/ [2] ???

??? https://withfig.com/internship/ [3] ???

Hours are very flexible. You'll be given a lot of responsibility.

Any questions, feel free to ping me. Thanks for your time!



About the founders

Brendan Falk and Matt Schrage just graduated from Harvard class of 2020


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