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Freelance Content Writer | 2yrs Experience | Contract Writer


Freelance content writers at Wikimotive are paid on a piece by piece basis for each 1200-1500 piece of content a month. Compensation is agreed upon ahead of time and issued after the completion of assignments by the stated deadline. Deadlines are usually given with advanced notice, but occasionally require faster turn around times.

All work, once accepted, becomes the intellectual property of Wikimotive Inc.


Wikimotive Inc. is seeking a talented Freelance Content Writer to work with our team of enthusiastic professionals. Wikimotive is an 9 year old company, offering a suite of digital marketing, web development, and consulting services to a range of industries, with a focus in the automotive sector.


We are seeking a reliable and experienced content writer, to produce various types of content for Wikimotive and its clients on a contract basis.

Our content writing needs span a diverse range of project types and sizes, with most of Wikimotive’s clientele being auto dealerships. Most assignments are around 1200-1500 words, and some of the content types that we assign are:

  • Landing pages about vehicle models
  • Landing pages about our clients and their value propositions
  • Current events (automotive) blog articles
  • Satyrical creative posts about cars and car dealerships
  • Special assignments from clients, related to events at car dealerships, within their communities, or regarding specific car-brand announcements and news.
  • So much more! (We are also expanding into new industries)

A freelance content writer for Wikimotive can expect a steady supply of projects, typically ranging from 10 to 50+ articles per month. Before each month we will ask you for your availability and fill as much of it as possible. We are seeking a freelance writer who likes working consistently with one company, and who has fairly stable availability from month to month.


  • Motivated and deadline-driven
  • Committed to creating original and engaging content for the web (we check for plagiarism)
  • Possesses strong communication skills
  • Highly proficient at research through authoritative and up-to-date sources
  • Displays exceptional attention to detail
  • Able to think critically about writing “voice” to relate to a target audience
  • Responsive to management through email, text, and phone, in regard to project assignment and deadlines

Must be willing to sign a non-disclosure and a non-solicitation agreement, to protect Wikimotive and its clients.

Required Experience:

Must be able to demonstrate exemplary writing skills and proven experience writing for the web, either in a portfolio or by sending select writing samples upon request. One sample writing prompt will be issued without pay in order for us to select qualified candidates.

Experience with SEO and writing for B2C preferable

Not accepting applications from those without professional writing experience.

Job Type: Part-time


  • Copywriting: 4 years (Required)

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote