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Senior Cheminformatics Scientist

Skills: Cheminformatics, Computed-aided drug design, Medicinal Chemistry

PostEra's work and research sits at the intersection of chemistry and machine learning. The candidate we are looking for should have deep experience in cheminformatics and medicinal chemistry. This experience should be demonstrated for example by way of an advanced qualification (and preferably industry experience).

The candidate will work with machine learning engineers at PostEra to develop algorithms for molecular design, forecast chemical properties and predict the outcomes of organic synthesis. We are looking for candidates who understand early stage drug discovery in industry and are looking to fundamentally disrupt it with quantitative methods.

The candidate will work directly with Dr Alpha Lee, a world leader in machine learning for drug discovery, and support ongoing projects with pharma and biotech clients in their drug discovery efforts. We envisage that some of the work will be showcased at top conferences/journals -- giving back to the scientific community is a core value of PostEra as evidenced by our recent project leading COVID Moonshot: postera.ai/covid yagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi


  • Bay Area, CA / Remote