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Head of Marketing

Our mission is to build financial management technologies that enable the world’s most important companies to grow more quickly in a sustainable way that’s good for people, the planet, and business.

When companies have strong cash flow performance they can shift from short-term acrobatics to long-term growth and innovation. These are the teams that change the world by being freed to optimize for all of their stakeholders, including their employees, business partners, and environment.

The Opportunity

Cash flow is the toughest financial statement to understand but it’s fundamental to funding your own growth. We build the most intuitive and actionable tools for companies to optimize cash flow performance. Our platform analyzes billions of dollars of B2B transactions each year, users spend 70% of their workday in Tesorio, and we save finance teams thousands of hours. As a result, they can invest more confidently and anticipate their capital needs further in advance.

We’re growing quickly and working with the world’s best companies and the largest bank in the US. We recently raised a $10MM Series A led by Madrona Venture Group and are backed by top investors including First Round Capital, Y Combinator, and Floodgate. We’re also backed by tenured finance execs, including the former CFOs of Oracle and NetSuite.

We’re now looking for a frontline marketing leader who can shape a narrative for a new category while providing air cover to sales. Imagine the following untapped resources at your fingertips:

+ A product with an NPS of 82 and over 50% DAU/MAU that beats the competition 9/10 times

+ Customers at highly recognizable companies eager to get the word out, and they call us when they switch jobs

+ Founders & CFOs of the top finance tools (NetSuite, Oracle, Adaptive Insights) as investors and resources for thought leadership.

As the ideal candidate, you have been the top direct report to the CMO at a company that feels like it came out of nowhere and you’re ready to run your own playbook. Think of companies like Drift, Superhuman, Airtable, Notion, or G2 Crowd that have crafted a great aura around themselves. As the Head of Marketing, you will eagerly do the work yourself, but judiciously focus where you have the biggest impact. That means that you will manage an in-house team of 1-2, plus contractors when necessary, to give yourself leverage and bring in needed expertise. In short, people will be in shock when they see what we’re accomplishing and you tell them it’s just a 2-3 person marketing team.

Our team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we have a diverse, distributed workforce in five countries. We don’t believe that people need to sacrifice being close to their families and where they’d prefer to live in order to do their best work.

Your Motivators

  • You are energized by the challenge of figuring out how sophisticated buyers make purchasing decisions and designing a multi-channel, integrated marketing strategy to target them (content, events, paid ads, webinars, drip campaigns, retargeting, etc.)
  • You love storytelling and have strong editorial chops (e.g. you see First Round Review and want to create your own)… Quality content over high volume noise
  • You think that category design can be tactically executed while also supporting near-term sales objectives, you’ve probably read Play Bigger at least once
  • When you see brands or your favorite products, you like coming up with better stories and positioning that could push them to the next level, almost for fun
  • You have an experimental approach to rapidly test channels and ideas cost-effectively to identify where you need to double down without getting stuck in analysis mode
  • You are eager to collaborate with the CEO, Product, and Customer Success to turn our customer advisory board into an amplification platform
  • You run independently and seek the freedom of a blank slate reporting directly to the founder/CEOAt the same time, you build marketing cultures that collaborate well with sales, engineering, product, HR, and customer success
  • You’ve created such strong teams in the past that you have go-to people in your network who you can bring in to drive quick results because they love working with you


  • Developing and executing a cohesive marketing plan to increase brand awareness and inbound leads
  • Design a marketing budget and manage to allocated quarterly spend
  • Play a key role in internal and external messaging and positioning of the company
  • Prioritize marketing projects and allocate and manage internal/external resources accordingly
  • Produce ideas for promotional events or activities and organize them efficiently
  • Develop thought leadership program
  • Conduct market and competitor analysis to craft kill points, identify challenges and unlock opportunities for growth
  • Manage PR/Analyst Relations
  • Prepare weekly metrics reports


  • Strong grasp of the leading activities and metrics needed to meet difficult marketing goals and can break those down into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual objectives in order to tune experiments and budgets
  • Experience with Salesforce and digital marketing tools and comfortable standing up the marketing stack
  • Have professional (and ideally some finance) acumen to understand the voice of CFOs
  • Strong design taste and can even dabble a bit in basic graphic design
  • Thorough knowledge of web analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Customer-oriented approach with experience building integrated marketing programs
  • Strong copywriting, analytical and project management skills
  • You have experience building strong internal marketing teams and outside vendor relationships
  • Very nice to have:Experience marketing to Finance Industry & Stakeholders with an understanding of the pain we solve
  • Nice to have: Strong public speaker, and must be able to help the team get out there with crisp presentations


  • 4+ years of marketing management experience, and 8+ years in marketing
  • Joined a company when it was just evolving away from founder-led evangelization and almost no marketing to help refine ICP, clarify the company category, and disseminate a narrative to the market
  • Experience figuring out the $1-20MM ARR scaling phase and carving out a new category of business applications
  • Demonstrate tenure and longevity in positions (3 years or more in roles a plus)
  • BS or BA highly preferred