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Social Media Manager 🔥

Organizational Description: Offsides Productions creates bold, cinematic content that is politically urgent, entertaining, and sparks the radical imagination for social change. Combining dynamic storytelling and a subversive sense of humor, Offsides shows audiences another world is possible – and invites them to join the party to make it happen. We are looking for an experienced, creative social media manager to join our small but mighty team and help take our digital projects to the next level. 

Offsides has created digital series, political comedies, and creative campaigns with Rosario Dawson, Daveed Diggs, Sarah Silverman, Boots Riley, Diane Guerrero, W. Kamau Bell, D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Lewis Black, and more. These projects have reached over 20 million viewers and amplified social justice movements across the country. Our feature-length documentary Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? with Fantastic Negrito premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival, and our short film Pescador in the Town was produced in partnership with PBS / Latino Public Broadcasting. 

We are currently in pre-production for a new multi-media podcast featuring Palestinian and Jewish artists breaking down some of the toughest issues in the Middle East and the U.S. with heart, humor, and hummus. The show will be in production in May and launch in June – and the social media manager will be heavily involved in the digital distribution strategy and implementation. We are also in development for a new feature narrative film.

Job Overview: The Social Media Manager will develop, maintain, and promote all of Offsides’ social media channels and digital projects. They will expand our digital presence, develop new strategies to reach our target audiences, and collaborate with our network of artists and campaign partners for digital engagement. Our ideal candidate is a creative collaborator with a passion for storytelling, a vision for justice, and a mind for wonderfully nerdy analytics. We are particularly looking for someone who knows how to launch and build audiences for digital videos and podcasts through social media.

Reports To: Executive Producer

Responsibilities and Duties:

1) Strategy

  • Identify current digital / social media industry trends to help shape the creative strategy and distribution plan for Offsides’ digital projects
  • Use social media marketing tools to create and promote Offsides’ brand and mission
  • Research and implement the latest social media tools, analytics, and digital distribution strategies
  • Create innovative ideas to reach Offsides’ target audiences
  • Stay attuned to major cultural and political trends, including emerging social justice movements, that our work could be in dialogue with 
  • Design digital campaigns that merge social impact and creativity. Invites audiences to participate in grassroots movements (both online and off) and challenge the dominant narratives fed by the media and the government
  • Identify and implement strategies for Offsides’ content to live on beyond its initial launch 
  • Advise the leadership team on potential new projects through a social media lens  

2) Management

  • Curate and grow Offsides' channels across all platforms: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter if it still exists by then 
  • Post regular content and engage with Offsides digital audiences. Respond to comments and questions in a timely manner with a strong voice in line with our creative tone  
  • Build and develop the new channels for our new multi-media podcast on all relevant social media and podcast platforms (all of the above, plus Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.) 
  • Develop copy, thumbnails, text overlays, and other necessary pieces for our digital content. Collaborate with lead producers to ensure high standards of creativity and consistent messaging 
  • Post all digital content to the relevant channels, including creating different versions to ensure quality across each channel’s unique dimensions and algorithms 
  • Produce occasional creative content (graphics, memes, short videos, etc) that build and engage Offsides’ audiences
  • Develop internal processes for content generation, such as instructing team members on types of content to capture, brainstorming how to maximize event coverage, etc. 

3) Distribution

  • Coordinate with the leadership team on the digital launch and distribution of all new Offsides’ projects, understanding key project goals, constituencies, and metrics 
  • Understand and help identify key audiences for each project and strategies to reach them 
  • Identify potential digital partners, influencers, social justice organizations, and media companies to help promote Offsides’ projects and content 
  • Coordinate with distribution partners, PR agencies, and talent on execution of the distribution plan. Develop sample copy and social toolkits for partners 
  • Plan and execute digital advertising when appropriate 
  • Advise the leadership team during post-production in choosing clips to be used for promotion
  • Promote Offsides’ occasional in-person screenings, events, and workshops. Coordinate any recordings, live-streaming, and/or content creation out of these events

4) Evaluation

  • Set key performance indicators and targets for social media campaigns. Measure and evaluate the campaign’s performance against those goals
  • Gather project metrics for evaluation reports. Prepare data for presentation to the team as needed
  • Ensure effective systems to track scaling progress for all channels on a seasonal basis 


  • Professional digital communications / social media experience. Minimum 3 years.
  • Project management experience. Minimum 3 years.
  • Creative / artistic work experience is a plus. 
  • Extraordinary skills on the ping-pong table. (Note: we will also accept candidates with mediocre ping-pong skills. Dominoes skills are optional but highly valued. Being willing to get loose on a Tuesday afternoon during a creative brainstorm session is a must.) 

Essential Skills and Characteristics

  • A confident communicator 
  • Strong writing, editing, proofreading, layout, and design skills
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Superior project management and time management skills
  • Innovation, collaboration, and trustworthiness with a creative spirit.
  • Ability to work well independently and collaboratively 
  • Ability to effectively prioritize, multi-task, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Self-motivated with a positive approach to management
  • Can work with and communicate across different constituencies, including nationally renowned artists, local and national social movements, media companies – and everyday people out here on these internet streets
  • Moves, listens, and communicates organically across diverse communities in regards to race, class, gender, language, immigration status, sexuality, and more 
  • Can distinguish between Tupac and Too Short, Latinx and Hispanic, Naomi Klein and Naomi Campbell, etc. (If you don’t know one of the Naomis, that’s ok. Learning is a part of the game.)

Platform / Software Proficiency

  • Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo (necessary)
  • Social media scheduling platforms (e.g., Later, Hootsuite). (necessary)
  • Adobe Photoshop (necessary)
  • Google Drive apps (necessary)
  • Spotify and Apple Podcasts (optional / will need to learn)
  • MailChimp (optional)
  • Web design software like WordPress (optional)
  • Adobe Premiere and/or FinalCut Pro (bonus points)

Hours and Flexibility

This is a 50% FT salaried position, averaging 20 hours per week. Hours will sometimes range depending on the month, so this position is ideal for someone who appreciates that variety. Some months may be 25-30 hours/week, some months will be 10 hours/week, but it will average out. (For example, May-June will be top heavy this year.) We are a worker-friendly, family-friendly job environment. 


Offsides Productions is based in Oakland, CA, and works primarily in the Bay Area with occasional productions in Los Angeles and other national locations. Work is 90% remote. Candidates are ideally based in the Bay Area, although we will consider other locations. Occasional travel is involved. 

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