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Vice President Of Communications

The Vice President of Communications (VP of Comms) will lead communications for America’s Promise Alliance (APA) and the Alliance Community. This position plays a key role in ensuring clear and consistent communication of APA’s mission, strategy, and impact to key external audiences; building and maintaining APA’s reputation; and positioning APA and its leaders as thought leaders in the field. 


As a member of APA’s leadership team (LT), the VP of Comms will be responsible for working with other organizational leadership to ensure communications are informed by, additive to, and effectively integrated across alliance engagement, programming, research, development, and APA’s overall strategic plan. Additionally, this position will be accountable for developing a coherent public-facing vision and voice for APA and the Alliance Community; activating the organization’s new brand and adapting it over time to serve the strategy; and expertly leveraging digital, earned, owned, paid, and non-traditional media strategies and platforms to elevate the work.  


Reporting directly to the Chief of Staff and working in close collaboration with the CEO, this position is an exciting opportunity to support APA’s strategy to shepherd the collective action of our Alliance community by sharing the stories of impact to help position APA and it’s leaders as thought leaders in the field.  


About America’s Promise Alliance  

In its 25th year, America’s Promise Alliance is at a pivotal and exciting stage in its evolution, launching a comprehensive next chapter and new strategy. This position plays a critical role in the implementation, amplification, and success of that strategy. Learn more about our reimagined Alliance community [1], our 2022-2026 strategic plan [2], and our collective action work [3].  



External Communications Strategy 

  • Work directly with the executive office and leadership team to ensure that all communications strategies, initiatives, and content are aligned to support the organization’s strategic plan.  
  • Oversee APA communications functions to leverage best practices and trends, rigorously tailor content for target audiences (including current and prospective community members and funders, policymakers, media, and others), and ensure that all communications are firmly grounded in well-defined objectives and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs).  
  • Develop and periodically (re)evaluate core messaging that enables all APA staff to communicate effectively and consistently with external audiences.   
  • Help to professionalize and operationalize APA’s communications to the Alliance Community. 
  • Lead the design, development, and implementation of strategic communications plans and integrated campaigns across appropriate platforms to increase awareness of APA and the Alliance Community, amplify relevant developments and milestones, and drive relevant organizational or Alliance-focused objectives.  


Storytelling & Content Creation  

  • Oversee the design, development, and production of written, visual, and multimedia content that effectively communicates the CEO and leadership team’s vision(s) for APA and the Alliance Community. 
  • Identify opportunities to bring members’ experiences to life in a way that excites, energizes, and inspires target audiences; and effectively bring ideas from ideation to production.    
  • Effectively tailor and channel core messaging and brand attributes for different platforms and audiences, including APA’s website, blog, social media, recruitment and onboarding materials, funder pitch decks, etc. 
  • Support development and production of relevant Alliance Community member resources and communications.  


Management, Team Building, & Internal Communications 

  • Lead the communications team to develop actionable implementation plans for executing on approved strategies, identify and help to overcome/remove barriers, and enable execution to bring strategies to fruition. 
  • Cultivate and maintain a team culture that aligns with APA’s values; upholds a high quality bar for producing content that is worthy of the members we serve; and emphasizes direct and clear communication, constructive 360-degree feedback, and continuous improvement.  
  • Manage and supervise 1 -3 direct reports, which includes aligning individual talents and staffing structure with deliverables and projects, delegating and managing assignments, coaching regularly for successful performance, providing performance feedback, and, if needed, helping to recruit and onboard new hires.  
  • Manage relevant budgets, vendors, agencies, and contractors.  
  • As needed and upon request, provide internal communications support (drafting and editing correspondence, providing feedback, etc.) to the CEO and leadership team. 


Media Relations & External Affairs 

  • Provide media training and coaching to spokespeople in preparation for media interviews, speeches, and other public-facing presentations. 
  • When appropriate/requested, serve as spokesperson and primary point of contact for media relations on behalf of the organization. 
  • Develop and oversee reactive and proactive thought leadership and earned media strategies, engaging relevant outside experts and contractors as needed/requested.  
  • If necessary, support internal risk management efforts to prevent, mitigate, and/or manage organizational risks, incidents and crises; and develop and maintain a crisis communications plan to address potential reputational risks and issues.  



Competencies & Experience  

  • 12+ years senior leadership in communications at a youth-supporting organization, mission-driven agency, and/or issue advocacy campaign(s). 
  • Excellent writing and editing skills, with a track record of producing high-quality written content for senior leaders and high-profile organizations and/or causes.  
  • A keen eye for design and demonstrated ability to interpret and activate a brand over time to resonate with target audience(s), adapt to shifting priorities, and earn/gain credibility among stakeholders. 
  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects and teams simultaneously to meet deadlines in a fast-paced, high-stakes, dynamic environment.  
  • Ability to build strong relationships and trust with senior leaders, internal stakeholders, and external partners. Openness & Responsiveness to feedback and coaching. 
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically, apply knowledge of industry trends, and develop innovative solutions to complex and ambiguous communications opportunities and challenges.  
  • Excellent interpersonal and relational/relationship management skills, with the ability to work effectively and diplomatically with people at all levels of the organization and within our member organizations, with a DEI lens.  


Location, Compensation, & Benefits 

  • APA’s team is searching for the best talent regardless of location, as such please note that APA’s team is largely remote and location is flexible within the United States.  
  • Salary and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience with a range of $165,000-$175,000. 
  • America’s Promise Alliance offers a generous benefits package that extends beyond health care coverage to help provide team members with a work-life balance that includes professional development, retirement savings, self-managed vacation, and more. 

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