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Search Engine Marketing Consultant

Role Description

This is a part-time remote role for a results-driven Search Engine Marketing Consultant. The Search Engine Marketing Consultant will be responsible for creating and executing digital marketing campaigns, analyzing web analytics, and developing SEM/SEO strategies,


  • Marketing and Digital Marketing skills
  • Experience in developing and executing successful digital marketing campaigns
  • Familiarity with web analytics and the ability to analyze data to optimize campaigns
  • Expertise in paid search engine campaign development including link audience targeting, keywork/topic/competitive research and funnel management
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and remotely
  • Experience with non-profit (including Google Ad Grants) or public-sector organizations
  • Experience with SEMrush, SuperMetrics and LookerStudio is a plus
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, or related field
  • Five+ years minimum experience

Company Description

iMission Institute is a digital-first marketing agency and technology consultant serving non-profits and public-sector organizations. We employ open-source architecture platforms such as Salesforce, Google and WordPress to help organizations connect with their donors, clients, volunteers, and activists and move them to take action.

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