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Business Analyst 🔥

Your Job in Brief:
We're continuously on the hunt for talented Business and Data Analysts!

What You’ll Do:
Understand a problem from a business perspective, extract and analyze relevant data, and create an automated solution that would solve it
Create new websites, apps, and features to gain new clients and reduce existing clients' attrition
Use analytics and BI tools such as Tableau, Mixpanel to analyze and understand customer behavior, track KPIs, and identify trends and patterns to inform decision-making and optimize strategies
Apply strategic statistical methods, data modeling, and predictive analysis
Design and build workflows and mockup screens
Use advanced data visualization techniques and build wireframes to communicate solutions

What you'll bring along:
University Degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or any degree with exceptional ability in quantitative analytics
Burning desire to apply your quantitative background to manipulate and manage data
At least 3 years of experience as a Senior Business Analyst

What You’ll Get:

Hands-On Experience in statistical analysis, AB Testing, identifying complex data patterns, advanced communication skills and tools, an exquisite learning experience in a progressive, technologically oriented environment.
Company culture of constant experimentation, strong bias for moving fast, and obsession for mapping every detail.
We pay for performance, and rapidly promote for superior ability. We also un-hire mediocre performers decisively.
Exceptional performers in the first 6 months on the job will be eligible to be transferred to our London office

Position includes work typically performed by:
Business Intelligence Analyst
Data Scientist
Business Consultant
Management Consultant

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