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New Key Framework Images 🔥

Scope of Work:

GroundSwell is looking for an experienced industrial designer to create six new framework images for our website using the same look at feel of our current key framework images available on our site:

https://groundswell.co/key-frameworks/ [1]

We are looking for the same designer to create five to ten additional images with the same industrial design look and feel of our key frameworks as well as create additional images going forward.

Brand Guidelines:

We want these new images to balance rigor and authenticity like our current images.

Key Requirements:

Designer must be able to understand relatively complex business ideas and be able to “translate” them into authentic yet rigorous sketches that effectively explain those ideas in an image.

Additional Information:

Brand brief, creative brief and brand guidelines available for review.






  1. https://groundswell.co/key-frameworks/

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