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Executive Director For Intentional Insights and Its Pro-truth Pledge Project

Job Advertisement: Executive Director for Intentional Insights and its Pro-Truth Pledge Project (Part-Time, 25 Hours)


Become an influential leader in the fight for rational discourse and truth in politics as the Executive Director for Intentional Insights and its Pro-Truth Pledge project. Take charge of an endeavor that doesn't just aim to quell the wildfires of misinformation, fake news, and post-truth politics, but aspires to re-engineer the very landscape of public dialogue to prioritize truth, civility, and integrity, armed with empirical evidence and rational analysis. Under your stewardship, the Pro-Truth Pledge will become a gold standard for a commitment to facts and accuracy, civility and reasoned dialogue on a national scale.

This position offers guaranteed funding through January 2025, with the expectation for continuation based on fundraising performance. As the organization grows, we hope you'll evolve into a managerial role responsible for leading a team.



- Develop and implement a fundraising strategy tailored to the mission of promoting truth and rational thinking

- Conduct solicitation calls to potential and current donors

Volunteer Coordination and Recruitment

- Design a volunteer engagement strategy to attract those passionate about truth-seeking

- Manage current and new volunteers

Outreach to Other Organizations

- Identify and negotiate partnerships with organizations that align with our mission of combating disinformation

- Facilitate collaborative initiatives and campaigns for greater impact

Increasing Signatory Base for the Pro-Truth Pledge

- Conceptualize and execute campaigns to encourage individuals and organizations to sign the Pro-Truth Pledge

- Use metrics and analytics to evaluate the efficacy of outreach initiatives 

Public Presentations

- Advocate for truth and rational thinking through compelling, data-backed virtual presentations to diverse audiences 

- Collaborate with organizations to present for their members

Earned Media and Public Relations

- Develop a media outreach strategy that capitalizes on trending topics related to disinformation

- Engage with journalists and thought leaders to secure earned media opportunities

Political and Public Figure Outreach

- Foster relationships with politicians, public figures, and organizations across the political spectrum who are aligned with our cause of combating disinformation

- Leverage these relationships to secure collaborations that amplify the impact of the Pro-Truth Pledge

Qualifications and Skills (in order of importance)

- Organized, detail-oriented problem solver who initiates action

- Prior experience in fundraising, especially involving phone-based donor outreach

- Demonstrated commitment to civic engagement and rational discourse

- Comfortable delivering virtual presentations 

- Capable of engaging with diverse leaders and organizations, including those of left-leaning and secular groups 

- Knowledgeable about US politics

- Values truth above ideology 

- Proficient in tools including Excel, Google Docs, Mailchimp, Facebook Groups, ChatGPT, and Trello


- Fully remote position

- Desirable to travel to Columbus, Ohio, once a year for a board retreat 

Salary and Benefits

- $17-$23 per hour, based on experience

- $1 hourly rate increase after a successful 3-month review

- Quarterly performance-based bonuses up to $500

- Annual merit-based raise based on quantifiable outcomes

If you have any questions, email protruthpledgehire [at] gmail.com [1]

To apply, submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience via Idealist.

**Application Deadline: November 30, 2023**

  1. mailto:protruthpledgehire@gmail.com

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