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Insurance Product Manager 🔥

Openly is rebuilding insurance from the ground up. We are re-envisioning and enhancing every aspect of the customer experience.  Doing this requires a rapidly growing team of exceptional, curious, empathetic people with a wide range of skill sets, spanning technology, data science, product, marketing, sales, service, claims handling, finance, etc.

Now is the perfect time to join the journey. Here’s why

  • It’s working. We’re in multiple states and on our way to operating countrywide.  We have thousands of agents selling our product and millions of dollars of annual customer premiums.
  • We’re well-backed & stable. We closed our $100M Series D fundraise. We are supported by some of the top investors globally, including Google’s “Gradient [1]” AI-focused fund, Obvious Ventures [2],  Advance Venture Partners [3]Eden Global Partners [4], and Clocktower Technology Ventures [5].
  • It’s not too late! Despite this traction and stability, we’re still early enough in the journey that there’s time to make a real difference during Openly’s formative period.

If you’d like to understand more about Openly’s mission, consider checking out this video [6] (https://vimeo.com/267654520 [7]) from a company pitch we gave several years ago at Techstars.

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