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Sr Growth Designer

As a Senior Growth Designer, you will have a unique opportunity to define the UX framework and drive the user journey from discovering our service to upgrading. We are seeking a designer who can address fragmented product surfaces, introduce consistent design patterns, and identify and improve dark patterns that may exist. You will play a crucial role in shaping the user experience and driving growth metrics by creating a cohesive and intuitive design ecosystem.

Key Responsibilities:

Design Leadership & Strategy:

- Proactively identify and advocate for growth opportunities, influencing and fostering alignment within the Growth Team.

- Advocate for the importance of user-centric design principles, UX frameworks, and best practices within the Growth Team and the wider organization.

- Mentor and guide junior designers, providing support and fostering their growth in the field of Growth Design.

Design Execution and A/B Testing:

- Create designs for A/B tests that are highly optimized to move key metrics.

- Rapidly iterate on design variants based on insights gained from previous A/B tests.

- Seek feedback from the Product Manager and the Design Team to refine and improve design iterations.

- Conduct user interviews to gather valuable feedback and insights on design variants and user experiences.


- Partner closely with the Product Managers and cross-functional teams to align on the growth roadmap and UX requirements.

- Collaborate with Data Analysts to analyze user data and test results, deriving actionable insights to inform design decisions.

- Work closely with Engineers to ensure efficient implementation of design solutions.

- Engage in regular design feedback sessions with the Design Team to foster a culture of collaboration and improvement.

- Contribute to the enhancement of design tools and processes to optimize productivity and effectiveness.

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