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Communications Support

Chicago Women Take Action (CWTA) is seeking a Communications Assistant to work approximately 10 hours per week with the organization’s Board of Directors on both internal and external communications.

Scope of Work 

The following are tasks to be carried out as needed and as time permits. 

External Communications

  1. Update the website as needed: a) lists of officers, board members, committee co-chairs and committee information;  b) the events calendar, and c) the Blog section to include current, relevant entries provided by board members and others.  
  2. Assist in drafting an external communications strategy to increase the visibility of CWTA through email, website, and social media pages. 
  3. Manage social media activities, including regular posts and announcements on Facebook, X, and Instagram pages about CWTA meetings and events, photos, articles of interest, and other materials provided by the CWTA Board.
  4. Send the CWTA newsletter, meeting and other announcements through Constant Contact to the CWTA membership as requested by the Board

Internal Communications

  1. Work with the Communications Committee in developing an internal communication vehicle for the board, members, etc., 
  2. Organize and maintain electronic records of board member contact list, email accounts, bylaws, election procedures, and other records, as needed.
  3. Monitor the website for inquiries and forward to the appropriate person.  
  4. Attend CWTA Board, Committee, and other meetings to assist as needed. 
  5. Assist with training of Board members in various social media practices.
  6. Help set up file sharing and other systems for special projects.

Desired Skills

  • Experience and proficiency in a variety of platforms such as Constant Contact, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and X.
  • Experience in website design is required.
  • Administrative skills such as taking notes, scheduling meetings, initiating and managing zoom calls, and using and managing documents and spreadsheets in Google Drive.  

To apply, please send a resume to info@chicagowomentakeaction.org [1].

  1. mailto:info@chicagowomentakeaction.org

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