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Advocacy Lead - Operation Warp Speed 2.0

1Day Sooner advocates for people who want to participate in high-impact medical studies, particularly human challenge trials.We are looking for a team member to manage our in-house advocacy for our Operation Warp Speed 2.0 campaign. This would involve project managing our advocacy strategy (including stakeholder and legislative recruitment, grassroots outreach, events, and press), meeting with legislative teams and other decision-makers in DC, and coordinating the creation of advocacy documents and the answering of decision-maker questions and objections. The advocacy lead position will serve as a conduit between 1Day’s policy and research teams and our external lobbyist while also working with our volunteer organizing team and developing campaign strategy with our organization’s President.

Position Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Help set up and attend meetings with relevant legislative teams, route queries and requests from legislative staff to policy lead, and coordinate appropriate attendees for meetings
  • Identify required materials and campaign documents (e.g. letter of support, talking points), coordinate with policy lead on developing drafts, and edit them as needed.
  • Suggest strategies we should undertake and (with help from lobbyists) maintain awareness of required timing to fit our policy proposals into relevant legislative processes (e.g. PAHPA reauthorization/NDAA)
  • Support events held in DC to advance the Warp 2 campaign.
  • Recruit stakeholders to join our coalition in support of these policies.

The ideal candidate will have the following traits and abilities:

  • Mission-driven: You are motivated about 1Day’s mission, vision, and values, and are eager to have a positive impact on humanity. Your colleagues can count on you to do your best work for 1Day Sooner.
  • Relevant experience (each desirable but not strictly necessary):
  • Familiarity with lobbying and advocacy efforts
  • Experience in leadership and team management
  • Operational focus and ability to envision and manage multiple projects simultaneously: You can manage projects fluidly, fiercely prioritize, and track timelines, data, and information in an organized and systematic fashion.
  • Self-directed: You can develop campaigns and execute on them on your own, based on given objectives.
  • Strong orientation to making difficult decisions: You can make important decisions when with appropriate consultation and communication.
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented: You pay close attention to detail, in an organized fashion.

More about the work: Operation Warp Speed 2.0 aims to institutionalize the successes of Operation Warp Speed in order to accelerate medical countermeasures against epidemic-prone diseases as well as other medical products of high social value. It seeks to do so by developing high-impact regulatory and market shaping policies. The priority over the coming months will be to advance the campaign’s regulatory reform proposals, in particular the proposal for an Office of Preparedness and Response within the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER).

Operation Warp Speed 2.0 is a Schmidt Futures-funded project, and also aims to advance reforms developed by other Schmidt beneficiaries that are complementary to 1Day’s Warp Speed 2.0 goals. This includes projects led by the Center for Global Development, the Day One Project, Development Innovation Lab (University of Chicago), Federation of American Scientists, and Institute for Progress.

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