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Higher Education Policy Advocacy Consultant Collaborator


POSITION: Higher Education Policy Advocacy Consultant Collaborator

TYPE: Part-time to full-time contractor, minimum 25 hours/week

COMPENSATION: 1099 contract role, compensation depending on experience, likely in the range of $54,000 to $216,000

LOCATION: Fully remote, must be based in the United States, and must be willing to work East Coast hours

Masa Group [1] is looking for experienced policy advocates working in key progressive-left issue areas to partner with on consultant collaborations [2]. Essentially, Masa Group will enter into a consultant collaboration (also known as a joint venture) with new and experienced solo and team-based contractors and consultants in new progressive advocacy areas. Masa Group will utilize its business development team, operations team, and senior team to identify, pitch, and price joint contracts with the contractor, with the contractor expected to leverage their relationships, organizational contacts, coalition experience, and general knowledge of the environment in their issue area to identify potential targets.

Interested candidates should apply through Idealist.org [3] by submitting a resume, cover letter, and professional or educational writing sample (pdfs preferred; 10 pages or less - excerpts are encouraged). Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and potential candidates will be contacted to schedule an initial interview.

This is not an employee position; it is an independent contractor position that may eventually lead to employment if desired, including a Director role, with Masa Group. New and experienced contractors, solo consultants, and boutique consulting teams are welcome to apply. No consulting or business development experience is required. For consultants with existing consulting firms or branding, Masa Group will co-brand business development activities.

Masa Group is an immigrant, queer, and minority-led consulting firm specializing in local, state, and federal immigration advocacy. Masa Group's mission is to secure progressive, just, and bold policies at the state, local, and national levels on behalf of immigrant rights and social justice organizations. Masa Group is a social entrepreneurship and as such, we only collaborate and service clients that support progressive views and policies. Our campaigns, government relations, lobbying, and related work are dedicated to advancing progressive causes.

As a social justice consulting firm, we provide an extra pair of hands for organizations seeking to bring about meaningful improvements to our nation’s immigration policies. We offer services on a short-term, interim, and long-term basis. Masa Group’s previous and current collaborations include a variety [4] of state, local, and national partners, including the American Civil Liberties Union [5], CASA [6], Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. [7], NALEO Educational Fund [8], Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration [9], Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology [10], Oxfam America [11], and National Partnership for New Americans [12]. To learn more about the work we do, please visit the Case Studies [13] portion of our website.


Under consultant collaborations, Masa Group will partner (and share branding and resources) with the consultant as an independent contractor. It is expected that individuals participating in this collaboration will be available at least 25 hours/week. Before obtaining joint contracts (usually a three-month process), contractors will be expected to dedicate five to ten hours a week to business development. Subsequent to obtaining and entering into joint contracts, the contractor is expected to continue to engage in five to ten hours of business development, with the remaining hours being dedicated to contract implementation and providing services. Through a preliminary six-month joint venture partnership, Masa Group will collaboratively develop potential contracts in partnership with the consultant through the business development described below. 

No compensation is exchanged during this period until at least one joint venture contract is acquired. Masa Group requires that joint contracts obtained through the process allocate 40% of the total contract fee to Masa Group, with the remaining portion being passed along to the contractor. This 40% includes 30% allocated for operations support and 10% for senior-level support.

Operations support, budgeted at 30% of the total contract price. For a list of example deliverables provided under operations support, please see Appendix A [14].

Senior-level support. Senior-level support involves Masa Group directors of business development, operations, and policy managing and supporting the implementation of the contract, including regular check-ins with consultants, strategic advice and counsel, and professional development in terms of new service areas required by a contract. For a list of example deliverables provided under senior-level support, please see Appendix B [15].

Under this agreement, the consultant would be required to complete the term of the contract before ending the collaboration, especially for contracts where Masa Group does not have similar issue expertise or familiarity. Consultants that wish to co-brand business development (so as to build up their own firm and image) and implementation of a contract itself would be welcome to do so.


Consultant collaborators will work in conjunction with Masa Group’s leadership and business development team to conduct outreach (warm and cold) to organizations work in higher education policy advocacy, ultimately meeting with potential clients to give pitches on services, produce proposals, and engage in meaningful follow-up with potential clients.

Once contracts are secured, the consultant collaborators will be responsible for working with Masa Group operations and senior leadership to execute the accompanying deliverables as described by the contract.


  • An advanced degree (law school, master's, Ph.D. - any schooling beyond a bachelor’s degree) and at least five years of professional post-graduate experience; or significant and demonstrable equivalent experience and demonstrated knowledge of higher education policy advocacy, including extensive policy practice in lieu of formal education
  • Familiarity with laws, regulations, or policies in the higher education policy space
  • We are looking for individuals with policy experience and a large network of contacts working within their issue area
  • Excellent research and writing skills
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative
  • Exceptionally strong interpersonal and professional communication skills
  • Policy advocacy skills and experience in at least one of the following categories: Legislative Advocacy; Regulatory Advocacy; Administrative Advocacy; Communications; Campaigns and campaign management; Research and writing; Litigation


Interested candidates should apply through Idealist.org [16] by submitting a resume, cover letter, and professional or educational writing sample (PDFs preferred; 10 pages or less - excerpts are encouraged). Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and potential candidates will be contacted to schedule an initial interview.

 Masa Group is committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment. All persons are encouraged to apply, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or immigration status. People of color, immigrants, TPS, U Nonimmigrant status holders, Asylees, Refugees, LPRs, DACA recipients, and other noncitizens and other minority statuses are strongly encouraged to apply.

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