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Devops Engineer 🔥

Overview: A Covenant Eyes DevOps Engineer is a technical, hands-on position that will develop, maintain, and support our growing infrastructure and applications development. As a DevOps Engineer you will provide strategic, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to increase efficiency, reliability, and integration of our services and operations. The DevOps Engineer collaborates with systems engineers, security analysts, developers, and product owners to ensure the team is using the best approach to deliver services and infrastructure.
We are a leveraged team with almost every other department in the company depending on services we design, implement, and maintain at some point to perform their work; in addition, Operations is the first point of contact for issues with our customer-facing services. This means your team needs to be able to rely on you to satisfactorily complete requests on time and to quickly disseminate that knowledge. At times, you may need to cover for others who are out or booked on other work.
Time management is crucial in our environment. Operations work requires balancing day to day problem solving & innovation, customer responsiveness, technical knowledge & development, administration, communication, teamwork, managing complex changes, and more. The ability to manage time effectively in a job that includes production support –and thus is at times unpredictable– is a requirement for success.
Being great as a DevOps Engineer is not exclusively technical firepower, it also requires the ability to communicate well before, during, and after your work, mentor others, and leaving a trail of quality documentation. Responsibilities:
  • Securely specify, design, build and operate Linux servers, VMWare and AWS environments, Kubernetes and automate their builds and configuration.
  • Securely specify, design, build, and operate application containers and container environments/orchestrators.
  • Learn new technologies quickly, including topics like container orchestration, container registries, container build strategies, and microservices on container platforms.
  • Support software developers, teams and managers, e.g. by enabling continuous integration and infrastructure self-service.
  • Write effective documentation for both new and existing systems.
  • Work both independently and collaboratively in cross functional teams.
  • Participate in off-shift on-call rotation for production support issues and support off-shift production deployments.
  • Other duties may be assigned as needed.
Qualifications: Core Skills
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS (or other public cloud environments such as Azure, GCP)
  • Docker
  • Git (or other version control systems)
  • Linux (CentOS/RHEL)
  • Scripting (Bash/ksh, Python, JavaScript/Typescript)
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, log tracing & analysis
  • Ability to provide thought leadership and mentoring
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
Desirable Skills
  • Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management, & Orchestration tools (e.g. Chef, Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, Puppet)
  • CI/CD experience (GitHub Actions, CircleCI, Jenkins, etc)
  • Networking and Load Balancer working knowledge (HAProxy, Nginx)
  • SQL skills (MySQL/MariaDB)
  • Key-value stores (Redis)
  • LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory
  • Virtualization (vSphere)
  • Analytics and monitoring (Zabbix, Grafana, Prometheus, Graylog)
  • Atlassian Confluence, Jira, Jira Service Desk
  • Software Engineering experience

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