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Freelance Marketing Analytics & Attribution Content Writer 🔥

👉 This is not a role for a professional writer with no real-world marketing analytics experience: domain experts in the field of marketing attribution only need apply.
Recast seeks a freelance writer with marketing analytics and attribution experience to work with our fast growing team. We’re on a mission to eliminate wasted advertising spend. If you work with us, you will help us educate modern consumer brands on how to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns.

You will work closely with our founders and engineers to distil everything we learn building Recast, and translate it for a wider audience. You’ll also lean on your own experience as a domain expert to create high quality content for a technical audience. You’ll be contributing to our popular blog [1], as well as writing guest posts in other relevant industry blogs.

About the Role

We’re looking to expand out our pool of writers, having validated the channel by publishing over 50 blog posts. We have also been featured on respected industry blogs such as Reforge [2], Phiture [3], and Supermetrics [4]. Both founders contribute to the blog, and we have also built a roster of marketing attribution specialists who have contributed to our Broken Tracking [5] series on tracking and analytics, which will be your main focus (though Marketing Mix Modeling experience is a plus!).

Here’s what the work would typically look like:
  • Interview members of the Recast team and write up the notes as blog posts.
  • Work with our content team to publish new analytics-focused posts on our blog.
  • Write for relevant blogs in the industry and get featured with guest posts.

The type of person who would succeed in this role:
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Not afraid of spreadsheets, numbers and analysis.
  • Able to translate complex topics to a wider audience.
  • Self-starter who can work with minimal supervision.
  • Politely ambitious and respectful of others’ time.
We do not have a minimum requirement in terms of college degrees, or years of experience. We’re hiring you for your slope, not intercept [6]. However you should be able to demonstrate the following practical experience:
  • Technical Writing (provide samples!)
  • Experience working in marketing analytics
  • Marketing Mix Modeling experience is a plus

What you’ll get out of this role:

You’re working with a fast-growing startup, where content will play an existentially critical role to the growth of our company. We plan to continue doubling down on our investment in creating high quality content for the blog, so your posts will be featured heavily amongst other talented writers. Everyone who has written for the blog so far has been a world-class operator first, writer second, so your content will need to be held to a similar high standard of domain expertise.
We hope the content you create for Recast will be the work you’re most proud of in your portfolio, and we want this to be a stepping stone that elevates your technical writing skills and career profile to the next level. We offer full creative license and support, and in return we hope to get your best work published for the benefit of our technical and highly discerning audience.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/recast-freelance-marketing-analytics-attribution-content-writer [7]

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