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Remote Growth Marketing Operations 🔥

We are seeking a remote-based, ambitious and entreprenuerial Growth Marketing Manager to lead growth marketing and conversion rate optimization. In this role, the Growth Marketing Manager will build out a customized brand growth strategy for lead generation and product development to increase conversion at the top of the funnel.

Take full ownership to build upon existing growth channels: analyze historical data and develop a plan to reach higher quality leads with higher converting content.
Identify new growth channels and establish a better online presence: social media content creation, review generation, event promotion, etc.
Become an expert in our service offerings and understand how our services align with our ideal customers; support the creation of playbooks and case studies with key players.
Manage budget across channels: forecast expenditures quarterly to achieve KPIs and monitor expenses monthly.
Track and report results on a weekly basis:  Maintain spreadsheets to keep track of metrics including conversion rates, ROAS, CAC, LTV, and more.
Create and implement action plans to meet KPIs
Run experiments to test out new channels, messaging and strategies.
Collaborate with key players and participate in weekly team meetings
Identifiable revenue growth achieved at a previous organization
Able to attend meetings at 9:00pm - 11:30pm EST (New York City time) Monday thru Friday.
Data analytics and analysis: Collect and interpret data so that it’s actionable. Ability to describe what the data shows, think critically about it, and use it for strategic decision-making to increase engagement and conversion rates.
Analytics implementation & quantitative modeling: Use historical data to build a model to forecast growth and identify opportunities.
Cross-channel strategy: Knowledge of multiple channels including organic and paid social, PPC, blogs, email marketing, and more to drive quality traffic to websites and landing pages.
Channel CRO & website CRO: Understand the customer journey to identify specific hurdles within it in which users drop off (blocking growth). Then use this knowledge to test different things and optimize the funnel.
Customer segmentation: Implement customer segmentation and testing across channels to personalize and optimize our customer experience for prospects based on psychographic data points. Ability to automate the process, measure results, and test along the way.
Testing framework: Continuously experiment with a hypothesis, testing, reported findings, and recommendations.
Marketing technologies: Be curious, engaged, and always looking for the next best technology to collect more data, complete more tests, and ultimately improve the funnel even further.
Revenue responsibility & channel resource management

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