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We need partners to help us spread information about carbon sinks and to sell leasing shares of forest management. A partner can be a company, private individual, a sports club looking to collect funds, a school class or association. Our idea won’t work without partners, so we want to reward them fairly.

Companys main idea: We want to ensure that forests are reserved as carbon sinks. We have acted as an example for years by acquiring forests and keeping them managed as carbon sinks. It is not good if forests are not cared for at all or if forests are cut down too much for economic reasons. With your contribution, we will be able to organize more forests that act as carbon sinks.

If you are interested in the environment and want to make money at the same time and You are interested about the job please fill this form https://carbonsinkfactory.com/en/partners/.

You can try working for us without commitment and there is no cost to register as a partner/seller.

The work does not require previous knowledge and you get a free seller's guide to start the work. You will benefit if you know how to use social media to your advantage.

You can do the work the way you want f2f, with traditional sales methods or on social media. You will receive a link through which your sales will be registered for you.

A fundraising product for sports clubs, school classes and associations is coming as a new product. As a seller of these, you get a commission for each share sold, and those who collect the funds get their own share.

We welcome you to work and save nature together!

About comission:

You have to pay taxes on your income from the commission according to the legislation of your home country. The reward is VAT-free for you and we payt the VAT 24% to companys home country.

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Facebook: Carbon Sinkfactory

Instagram: carbonsinkfactory

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