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Cloud Native Developer

“Digital Transformation” has been one of the most dominating buzzwords of the past five years; NearForm are world leaders in delivering this transformation, helping companies thrive in an era of continuous technological change. Our teams of experts are helping our clients build cloud-native solutions using industry-leading design, technology and methodology for software development and platform engineering. We help companies define and deliver on their digital strategy quickly and in a programmatic, sustainable and scalable fashion. NearFormers help change an organisation’s culture to constantly adapt to what’s coming next. Being a global company with a remote workforce allows us to hire without location constraints; we hire the best of the best. Our distributed workforce also allows us to service clients across the globe, you can find us from Dublin to Dubai! How we work We follow a methodology of discover, deliver, transfer. We harness the multi-disciplinary expertise across senior management to scope projects out and agree on a project plan with the client. Next, we assemble a delivery team with deep knowledge in relevant fields to deliver solutions on a milestone-driven basis to ensure high-quality and speedy delivery. Lastly, we ensure that we transfer the delivery capability to the client team. We also support clients with their digital transformations through our Staff Augmentation program. We bolster their existing team; our experts integrate with existing technical teams to help fill any capability gaps and offer support through their in-depth knowledge in the given field. What you’ll be doing? * Architecting solutions for our clients on AWS, analysing tradeoffs and costs * Developing, testing and delivering software applications on AWS * Keeping abreast of AWS developments and how they impact NearForm and our clients * Knowledge sharing of blueprints and best practices, both internally in NearForm and also to our clients * Pushing the art of the possible for AWS Cloud Native development * Evolve our Cloud Native accelerator to adapt it to our customers' needs What we ask of you * Experience working in a high performing software development teams * Expert in AWS serverless development and event-driven architectures * Deep knowledge of javascript (node.js) and/or java and/or python * Broad experience of AWS services * Infrastructure as code (Terraform or CloudFormation) * AWS Certified Developer or Solutions Architect a bonus * Experience working in an agile development environment What will you get? * Work Remotely * Work/Life balance: we have a genuine dedication to work/life balance. * Family-friendly: we understand how important family is, so our flexible environment allows you to work around what matters - school run, no problem! * The Wellness Hub: we offer resources and support and have a genuine commitment to fostering/improving nearFormer’s wellbeing. * Knowledge perks: explore new hobbies, brush up on life skills or simply learn something new, there is something there for everyone. * NearFest: we all get together in person at our annual company retreat (this year’s on the French Riviera!) Why do you want to join the team? We adopt a person-first approach to hiring. That means we hire the best people – it’s as simple as that. Our lucky HR team gets to pick the cream of the crop from around the world and has brought together a collection of dynamic and talented individuals we like to call ‘NearFormers’. Although we are widely dispersed, NearFormers are a tightly-knit team. We trust one another and care about our colleagues. Building on our open-source origins, we promote the sharing of thoughts, knowledge and ideas. NearForm is committed to shaping a better world in all that we do. Our global team is built based on respect, inclusivity, diversity and excellence.

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