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is Germany's best-known AI company. We develop neural networks to help people work with language. With DeepL Translator, we have created the world's best machine translation system and made it available free of charge to everyone online. Over the next few years, we aim to make DeepL the world's leading language technology company. Our goal is to overcome language barriers and bring cultures together. What distinguishes us from other companies? DeepL (formerly Linguee) was founded by developers and researchers. We focus on the development of new, exciting products, which is why we spend a lot of time actively researching the latest topics. We understand the challenges of developing new products and try to meet them with an agile and dynamic way of working. Our work culture is very open because we want our employees to feel comfortable. In our daily work we use modern technologies - not only to translate texts, but also to create the world's best dictionaries, and solve other language problems. When we tell people about DeepL as an employer, reactions are overwhelmingly positive. Maybe it's because they have enjoyed our services, or maybe they just want to get on board with our quest to break down language barriers and facilitate communication. Your choice We are constantly looking for outstanding employees! Currently, we offer remote work in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and Poland. Whether you would like to work from home in one of these countries or from one of our offices in Amsterdam, London, Cologne, or Paderborn: the choice is yours. No matter where you choose to work from, our way of working is designed to make you an essential part of the team. What will you be doing at DeepL? The platform team provides an easy-to-use system for our developers to build and run their applications.  We accomplish this by utilizing Kubernetes, Gitlab CI, ArgoCD, and Prometheus (to name a few) on our bare metal infrastructure across three data centres.  In the Platform Engineering role, you are actively involved in extending our platform offering, ensuring cross-data centre resiliency, consulting with developers on their architecture, and maintaining and scaling the existing system. Requirements Your Responsibilities You help our teams run their software in the best way possible. This includes: Working with other engineering teams directly in a consulting role on how to set up their applicationExtending the features offered by our platform, for example, managed databases, caches and backupsMaintenance! From updating Kubernetes to the applications that run on itIncreasing our security through standardized toolingBuilding immutable operating system infrastructure to simplify our life on bare metal What we offer We are a distributed workforce enabling our employees to work from the comfort of your home office in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, or the UK or in one of our comfortable officesState-of-the-art equipment for your workplaceAlmost completely open source technology on the inside - if we run it, we can fix it ourselvesOperation at scale for products used by more than 100 million people worldwideThe chance to work and play with state-of-the-art technologies like KubernetesInteresting challenges: operating and maintaining clusters for a huge web presenceA friendly, international, and highly committed team with a lot of trust, and very short decision-making processesMeaningful work: We break down language barriers worldwide and bring different cultures closer together About you First and foremost: You are experienced in administrating KubernetesYou have a product- and service-oriented mindset - we are basically building an internal cloud offeringLinux, Containers and lower-level systems administration don't scare you (we run on bare metal, after all) If the above sounds like you, perfect! Optionally we would also appreciate the following: Existing experience in building internal platformsA strong background in securityExposure to building immutable operating systemsExperience in developing software If you don't tick all of the boxes above but feel like you're the right person: Don't worry, give it a shot! We are looking forward to your application!

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