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Conversion Rate Optimization Manager

This is a fully remote position.

Your Mission:

To manage client Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) projects to enable client revenue growth and manage client growth strategies to generate revenue while maintaining a high labor efficiency ratio of 3.0 or higher within 90 days of starting.

McGaw.io, a Marketing Technology & Marketing Analytics consultancy, is in search of a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Manager to join our team, working as a key member of the Growth Team to drive positive business impact for our clients.

Our Mission at McGaw.io is to help companies of all sizes realize their customer data is their most valuable business asset. And we help them realize that through customer data infrastructure, high power analytics, marketing automation, personalization, and funnel optimization.

McGaw.io supports businesses with analytics, marketing automation, customer data platforms, data piping, websites, AB testing, and all sorts of marketing operations. As we derive insights from these technical efforts, we also inform & execute growth strategies that routinely move the needle for our clients.

Our track record is impeccable, and our leadership has supported some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. McGaw.io’s core client base sells online and has complex data and marketing practices that drive our team to dig deeper every day.

Responsible for:

  • Understanding growth-focused clients needs and objectives to develop revenue-generating CRO strategies
  • Creating conversion rate optimization strategy aligned to clients’ overarching business objectives and goals
  • Using quantitative and qualitative data analysis to identify conversion rate and user experience improvement opportunities through all stages of the funnel
  • Creating data-driven tests for website pages, standalone PPC landing pages, downloadable assets, email, and product
  • Working cross-functionally (internally and externally) with marketing, product, development and growth teams to produce and launch tests
  • Analyzing and communicating test results to clients
  • Retaining clients by executing amazing client project work and deliverables
  • Earning continued client trust by conducting bi-weekly and ad hoc client meetings
  • Maintaining internal team alignment by conducting internal planning meetings
  • Training clients on conversion rate optimization, including testing
  • Improving processes and procedures (never settle, be amazing)

Desired skills, talents, and experience needed to create amazing results

  • 3+ years of Conversion Rate Optimization experience
  • 3+ years of agency experience, ideally in a client-facing CRO or Growth role
  • 5+ years general digital marketing experience
  • Understands the value of client retention and successful at it
  • Proven experience implementing conversion and persuasion best practices
  • Direct experience optimizing landing pages, web funnels, email, product and mobile
  • Proven ability to increase conversion rates and drive revenue growth
  • Hands-on analytics experience, including data analysis and measuring the statistical significance of tests
  • Practical testing platform experience (e.g. Google Optimize, VWO, Optimizely)
  • Project management platform experience (e.g. Trello, Asana, and Jira)
  • Proactive management style, not settling for mediocrity
  • Results driven
  • Constant, curious learner
  • Customer-first advocate

Bonus for experience with:

  • AB test development work
  • Basic web markup and development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Creating email automations and nurture sequences

Observable indicators to let you know you are performing well in this role.

  • Client Strategy: Manage client growth and optimization strategy to identify revenue opportunities with a 6-month roadmap for all growth clients
  • Client Happiness: Secure approval from the client to conduct either a case study or testimonial of their project at 3 months, 6 months, and/or at project completion 85% of the time
  • Client performance: Accomplish of 90% of clients objectives during the project timeline
  • Client Retention: Retain 80% of clients in recurring contracts over a rolling 3 month period
  • Project performance: Achieve labor efficiency ratio of 3.0+ on owned client projects, and account lead’s projects by your 90th day
  • Client Expansion: Expand project size/scope/revenue 50% of the time by the third month of work with a client


  • Unlimited PTO
  • Flexible hours
  • Work remotely
  • Premium Health, Dental, and Visions Insurance (dependant coverage offered)
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Competitive salary with opportunities for bonuses
  • Company Laptop, Monitor, and other equipment needed for remote setup
  • Federal holidays off for US Citizens and national holidays off for international employees
  • Radically transparent workplace
  • Ample opportunity to implement your ideas and suggestions
  • Continued education and training that exceeds what you have ever seen before
  • $25 monthly Starbucks stipend
  • $50 monthly Uber Eats stipend
  • Birthday and Anniversary gifts

Job Description:

The Conversion Rate Optimization Manager has strong analytical and technical expertise with a proven track record of developing data-informed insights (qualitative and quantitative), providing recommendations to increase conversion rates and improving the user experience across websites, PPC landing pages, email and product.

As the Conversion Rate Optimization Manager, you will manage client Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) projects to enable client revenue growth and manage client growth strategies to generate revenue while maintaining a high labor efficiency.

You will serve as a client advocate within McGaw.io as well as the primary point of contact for your clients.

The objective of the Conversion Rate Optimization manager is to understand client needs/objectives, help develop strategies and work in unison with our team to execute client projects and campaigns, promptly.

As the Conversion Rate Optimization Manager, you have proven experience in growth marketing, and funnel optimization with a human experience approach. You have a clear idea of how marketing strategy, tied with the tech stack, increases revenue.

You will start working with existing clients in various stages of engagement with McGaw.io.

You will also help sales build estimates and scopes of work. Once a deal is closed, the Conversion Rate Optimization Manager will do most of their own marketing operations and delegate some of their work to others.

Managing the work for a client account requires taking detailed meeting notes to understand their objectives. You will help build growth strategies/roadmaps that will increase client revenue as well as perform the day-to-day work to accomplish the growth efforts in marketing tools, marketing channels and analytics.

To be successful in this role, you will need to effectively and independently communicate the scope of work and the progress in technical and layman’s terms to the client. You will also need to remain in constant sync with the Director of Funnel Optimization to ensure amazing results for the client. You will also communicate with the client's team to solve, schedule and scope urgent requests.

Your ability to schedule short-term and long-term goals, while staying under budget, is key to achieving success in this position.

During your first month you will be successfully onboarded, learn the company values, receive and set up your company workstation and gain access to critical tools you will use to be successful at your job. You will have scheduled weekly 1:1 training meetings with the Director of Funnel Optimization and other team members to learn critical processes and procedures.

During your first three months you will be trained on the current CRO/Growth process and partner with the Director of Funnel Optimization to effectively manage client work. You will begin working with internal team members, populate clients’ VICE test sheets, prepare test plans for production and participate in both internal and bi-weekly client meetings.

During your second three months you will work to become more independent while mastering key company communications and projects management tools, including Slack, G Suite and Trello. You will also lead at least one client account with oversight provided by the Director of Funnel Optimization.

During your third three months you will be trained to create high-value client roadmaps and proposals and actively participate in their creation. You will begin your Amplitude and Segment certification training. And you will begin to work towards meeting your observable indicators.

During your first six months you will earn your Amplitude and Segment certifications. You will know how to manage client testing programs from ideation to completion. You will have successfully cultivated a strong partnership with the Director of Funnel Optimization and have earned the trust of your colleagues.

After your first six months you will begin to identify opportunities to expand client engagements, and create high-value client proposals and roadmaps.

It is our intention to add additional team members to the Growth Team as we continue to expand our Growth services.

This is a high impact role that will require you to wear multiple hats, be strong under pressure and be very fast-paced.