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Senior Product Designer 🔥

Bound is looking to hire a Senior UX/UI Product Designer.At Bound you’ll have an outstanding impact on: - the product roadmap, as you are seen as an equal partner to both Product and Engineering,  - our design culture in the entire company as we grow, trailblazing user research and advocating for proper design practices.
We’re looking for someone who can be a champion for a better user experience within the company. Because of our scale, this involves both abstract design solutions and hands-on delivery of high quality visual assets. You’ll help build design culture at Bound from the ground up.
What you’ll do

  • Help design our product to create a seamless experience for our users. As a Senior Product Designer, you can lead projects with minimal oversight. You systematically explore the problem space with a high degree of autonomy and you identify problems without direction.
  • Partner closely with Product & Engineering to define both the long-term strategy and the short-term tactics for product development. They are your partners in crime, not your bosses or serfdoms. You excel at predicting the time and effort required to perform tasks. 
  • You’re a champion for user research. You participate weekly in user learnings, together with product engineering, creating factual documentation together, signed off with your own insights. You always wonder “Why do users behave like that?” urging the team to focus on insights more than just observable facts. Your metric of success is that everyone in Product & Engineering feels close to the customer.
  • You possess deep knowledge of design best practices and stay up to date on industry trends. Sometimes you’d work on very broadly defined, loose concepts, and sometimes on narrowly defined, tactical deliverables.
  • As the team’s UI/UX expert, you’ll enjoy a lot of design autonomy. You’ll get a lot of space, and at the same time you’ll be responsible for designing specific visuals which end in our customers’ hands. We’d love for you to teach us user empathy, as well as show us how great design is built.

The ideal candidate

  • You’ve led the design of world-class product launches in a fast-growing company before.
  • You can make work for yourself without making work for others
  • You’re able to iterate and love to experiment. We’re a startup with constrained resources, - sometimes, a suboptimal, but quicker to ship solution is the right call.
  • Can make complex ideas and concepts easy and simple to understand.
  • You have taken part in n*100+ user interviews, sharing your knowledge with the broader team.
  • Think in systems and are able to extrapolate and extend shared patterns and behaviors. You can make quality decisions based on quantitative data - and you have experience with the tools to get that insight.
  • You’re a confident writer. You believe writing and copy are an extremely important part of the design process.
Our Interview Process
We’re pretty flexible with our interview process, so we’re happy to have some of these interviews back-to-back if it suits you. Just ask!
1. Quick thirty minute call with our recruiting team.2. 60 minute call with the hiring manager to dig into the job’s responsibilities as well as your experience.3. For tech roles:Your option of  a take-home task or a live-coding session with focus on real-world problems - we do not like synthetic algorithms or data-structure focused interviews.For business roles:Business case interview.4. Meet with Dan or Seth, one of the co-founders of Bound! Use this as your time to ask us questions about the business, or what it might be like to work at Bound!5. We make you an offer!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/bound-senior-product-designer [1]

  1. https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/bound-senior-product-designer

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