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[klaytn] Blockchain Engineer 🔥

[ Job Overview ]

As a backend focused Blockchain Engineer you are responsible for producing backend system infrastructure and software solutions with blockchain focused integrations. You should be comfortable around back-end development frameworks and integrating and using open source third-party libraries, unit and integration testing, security best practices, and building stable and maintainable code.

You should be comfortable with Solidity based smart contract development and deployment. Primary role goals include:

  • building and maintaining the company's/partner's backend support technologies
  • architecting, developing, testing and deploying smart contract solutions
  • building and leading backend/API/DB/integration based Klaytn open source repositories and supporting community technical knowledge in these areas

[ Your Impact ]

  • Development and maintenance of various backend codes, including: smart contract development, web servers, API servers, databases, and interfacing modules for these various components with the blockchain.
  • Build reusable code and libraries with a focus on modularity and low technical debt.
  • Ensure the stability and security of backend components.
  • Optimize backend architecture for maximum security, scalability and robustness.
  • Integrate backend and smart contract components.

[ Requirements ]

  • Education level - Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or further
  • Experience - 7+ years of proven experience as a backend systems engineer or equivalent low level programming experience
  • Experience - 3+ years of Solidity smart contract and Dapp development
  • Development tools - Github, Confluence/Jira, testing frameworks, Docker
  • Backend Skills - Linux, Javascript/Node.js, Python, Golang, API Development, API integration and interfacing, RDBMS Database Management, Microservice architecture
  • Blockchain Skills - Solidity, web3.js/ethers.js, Hardhat/Truffle, OpenZeppelin Contracts, EVM knowledge
  • Knowledge of OWASP security best practices
  • Experience in developing products of a standard and level for the financial industry or implementing financial industry integrations
  • Knowledge of Golang implementations of Ethereum/Klaytn (storage layer, gossip layer, consensus layer, EVM, mempool, etc )
  • Understanding of cryptographic primitives, symmetric/asymmetric cryptography, hashing, Merkle Tree and other data structures, and practical use for encryption of data and digital signing Business English for team communication
  • Personal characteristics - strong work ethic, team player, self-directed, passionate about technology

[ Hiring Process ]

  • Resume Screening > Technical Challenge Test > 1st Interview > Pair Programming in Solidity > 2nd Interview > Salary Negotiation

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